If you’re itching to get recording in full high frame rate stabilized HD with the new GoPro HERO8 and GoPro Max, it won’t be much longer. Ship dates have just been finalized, and they’re both coming this month. The HERO8 ships on October 15, and the Max starts shipping on October 24th.

The HERO8 gets the sweetest deals, with their Trade Up program offering $100 (or €100) off the retail price when you trade in any old GoPro or digital camera in any condition. That brings it down to $299 for the HERO8 Black, or get $50 off the still totally viable HERO7 with trade in, which brings that down to $279…at which point you may as well just get the H8.

The other deal on offer is free shipping plus a free 32GB SD card with purchase, however…you only get the free SD card if you purchase at full price, not with the Trade Up deal. But SD cards are cheap (you can get a Sandisk 64GB card for under $15), so you’d still come out ahead with the Trade Up deal.

Are there deals for the GoPro Max?

GoPro Max more powerful, compact 360° VR action camera

Want the GoPro Max? That one comes with a free 64GB card and free shipping, but is not included in the Trade Up offer yet. Retail price is $499, but you’ll need might to order a second 64GB card to go in it…like the Fusion before it, the Max might two MicroSD card slots to capture the footage from its two cameras.

UPDATE: Full tech details and specs have been announced, click that link for “Max” below to see how it stacks up.

Then you’ll probably need to download the free desktop software from GoPro to edit it into something watchable.

For the full tech details, check out our stories on the HERO8 and Max.

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