Bike-porn alert. October 25th will see Team Marzocchi hit the gnarliest lines they’ve ever ridden on the cliffs of the Utah desert, for the 18th edition of the infamous “olympics of freeride”, Red Bull Rampage. In celebration, Marzocchi have gifted team riders Tyler McCaul, Reed Boggs, DJ Brandt, Thomas Genon, and Tom van Steenbergen with purple Marzocchi components, including the Marzocchi BOMBER 58 forks and BOMBER CR shocks, and they are popping.

MARZOCCHI-BOMBER-58-FORK-PURPLE-DHSo, can we get purple Marzocchi forks and shocks?

The Marzocchi BOMBER CR Coil shock retails for $299

In a word, no. Sadly, Marzocchi have reserved the purple colorway for their Red Bull Rampage team riders only. The BOMBER 58 Fork and BOMBER CR Coil shock are only available in black and red colorways to Joe public. That said, Marzocchi have indicated that that could change if enough interest is garnered so if you want these to be available in future, I suggest you get excited in the comments section below.

Photo provided courtesy of Marzocchi, image c. MBA 1993

This isn’t the first time Marzocchi have dabbled with a bit of plum; the XC400 fork of the early 90s got the purple treatment, as have the 55 RC3 Ti and DJ1 since.


All the best to the Marzocchi team riders as they head to Utah to follow in the footsteps of previous team rider, Wade Simmons, who took the top step at the inaugural Rampage back in 2001.



  1. I had one of those purple 55s, it was one of those parts I regret ever selling. Super smooth over fast hits, although it did tend to dive a bit.

  2. Marzocchi please make a purple XC fork!!!! Then I can have a modern Marzocchi on my carbon hardtail to match my vintage 1992,1993,1995 XC Series Marzocchi forks.

  3. Please at least make the coil spring available. A whole rainbow of colored springs would be dope. A easy and relatively inexpensive way to customize the look of your bike.

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