It’s been a minute since Marzocchi has had a new shock, but under Fox’s stewardship the brand is slowly rebooting as the affordable option for riders looking for something reliable…but also able to take abuse. The new Marzocchi Bomber CR coil shock brings that to the rear of your bike for just $299.

The shock comes in five sizes each for standard, metric and trunnion mount frames. It uses a basic steel coil with a piggy back reservoir, on which sits separate external low speed compression and rebound adjustments.

2019 Marzocchi Bomber CR coil rear shock

The shock is aimed at bikes with 130mm to 200mm of travel, so anything from big trail up to enduro, park and downhill bikes.

2019 Marzocchi Bomber CR coil rear shock

Size options include:

  • Standard: 7.5×2.0” / 7.7875×2.0” / 7.7875×2.25” / 8.5×2.5” / 8.75×2.75”
  • Metric: 210x50mm / 210x55mm / 230x60mm / 230x65mm / 250x75mm
  • Trunnion: 185×52.5mm / 185x55mm / 205x60mm / 205x65mm / 225x75mm

The shock body retails for $299, and coils are sold separately for $29.95 each and are available in a wide range of spring rates.


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