As an admitted tool nerd, I’m always happy to hunt out new gadgets to work on bike both bike & small. Eurobike is a good place to find the obscure bits & bobbles that will make the life of either pro or home mechanic easier. Enduro has new punches & presses that make bearing work easier. Fabric adds color to your toolbox, plus some light, refreshment & a comfy place to sit. Then Feedback finishes off with a better way true modern wheels or to store fatter bikes….

Enduro Bearings tools Bearing Punch & updated Multi Press

Enduro Bearings suspension Bearing Punch, perfect bearing removal with precision punches

Enduro is truly known for their bearings, but just as importantly they make excellent tools to make sure that mechanics install, remove & maintain those bearings properly to ensure optimal bearing life & durability. Their newest tool is the simple punch, executed with precision to knock pesky bearings out of suspension linkages.

Enduro Bearings suspension Bearing Punch, perfect bearing removal with precision punchesMachines with perfectly fitted diameters & shoulders to ensure total contact with the inner race of common suspension bearings, the Bearing Punch family is the perfect bearing removal tool. Hold onto the knurled end and pop out worn bearings with a quick blow from a shop hammer, and you’ll be ready to service the bearings or press in a new set.

Enduro Bearings Multi Press multi-purpose modular bearing press kit: more sizes, refined adapters

And when it’s time to put those bearings back…

We already took an early look at the Enduro Multi Press back at Sea Otter last spring, but It wasn’t final then, and the tinkerers at Enduro kept making it better. The overall concept remains the same with a few different length threaded rods to make pressing bearings into any suspension, headset, wheel, or bottom bracket.

Enduro Bearings Multi Press multi-purpose modular bearing press kit: more sizes, refined adapters

But besides the move to shiny gold ano handles (and the new travel tool roll to carry it all), the new Multi Press also moves to a standard size 15mm nut on the end. That means that while the gold handles are the nicest way to spin bearings into place, if you get in a tight spot a 15mm box wrench (or even a pedal wrench) that is already in your shop will give you the leverage that you need. Of course every bearing size is supported. And when a new size pops up, Enduro will be sure to add the appropriate adapters.

2020 new bike tools & components from Fabric

2020 Fabric tools, new color-coded multi-tool & tool setFabric adds a bit of color to their tools in 2020 to make it a little quicker & easier to find the right the right bit. It isn’t anything revolutionary – the same color-coded style finish is available from pro tool makers like Wera to more affordable BLB. But it’s nice to see more options.

2020 Fabric tools, new color-coded multi-tool & tool set

The $25/30€ 10-piece Hex Key Set is a simple affair of hardened vanadium steel allen keys, one hex & one ball-end with powder coat color-coding. The $30/35€ 11in1 multi-tool does the same thing with a compact aluminum body multi-tool.

Fabric’s new bike lights

2020 Fabric components new Lumaray v2 light, 60-lumen Garmin & Wahoo mount micro USB-rechargable bike headlight

It’s not only new tools for Fabric in 2020, a couple of their lights get overhauled as well. The $36/30€ Lumaray is a big one, or rather a nicely small & tidy one. Version 2 of the light that fits between you Garmin mount and your GPS gets an upgrade inside doubling its output to 60 lumens.

2020 Fabric components new Lumaray v2 light, 60-lumen Garmin & Wahoo mount micro USB-rechargable bike headlight

The Lumaray v2 still delivers 270° visibility and a 2 hour burn time on high, or 7-7.5hrs in flashing or low power modes. It now comes with both Garmin & Wahoo mount pucks so it will fit either devices when mounted to any standard Garmin 1/4 turn mount.

2020 Fabric components new Lumacell lights, USB-rechargable bike light set

It appears that the latest Lumacell lights get a tiny boost of battery life, up to 2.5hrs at full power, but they are more just interesting in their simplicity. $25€ a piece or $40/45€ for the pair, simply plug the 30 lumen white front & 20 lumen red rear directly into a USB port to change, then plug back into the mount that stays on your bike when it’s time to ride.

Fabric’s new Gripper Bottles

2020 Fabric components new Gripper Bottle, standard 750ml & insulated 650ml

Bottles are another little accessory that everyone can use. The new Fabric Gripper bottles gets a lot of little grippy knobs, plus a softer squeezable plastic body and a new silicone cap. The standard big 750ml bottle sells for $9/10€ and a 650ml insulated model gets a closed cell foil liner to keep drinks cold (or from freezing) for $17/20€. Smaller options are also available of each.

New 2020 Fabric saddles: Magic x 50to01 Rasta, Scoop & Line

2020 Fabric saddles: Magic x 50to01 Rasta, Scoop Race Team Shallow, Line Race Team Shallow, Magic Elite Radius

clockwise Magic x 50to01 Rasta, Scoop Race Team Shallow, Line Race Team Shallow, Magic Elite Radius

The new Magic is a classic shaped saddle designed together with the 50to01 dirt jump crew. Fabric calls the saddle the first dirt saddle actually designed to be sat on and ridden to the jumps. It gets a classic road profile, but in a short & padded construction with a slim rear profile to maximize tire clearance when it’s slammed. The Magic Elite Radius is $70€ with chromoly rails and comes in 50to01 Rasta colors or more simple black with red, white, or blue details.

As for the other two, the 142mm wide Scoop & 134mm Line get new $105/90€ Race versions with ti rails, Fabric’s flexible base, and soft form padding. Plus, they come in Flat, Shallow, or Radius profiles to fit every rider. (Team versions add gloss logos). And there are even $42/40€ Sport steel-railed, $80/65€ Elite chromoly-railed, $180/170€ Pro carbon-railed, or $285/250€ Ultimate full-carbon versions of each for every budget.

2020 Feedback Sports updates for thru-axles on truing stand, plus racks

2020 Feedback Sports tools Pro Thru-Axle Truing Stand Adapter

Feedback Sports Is boosting usability of their single leg truing stand with the addition of a more precise thru-axle interface. Using almost the same hardware from their rotor truing attachment, the new threaded rod & tapered cone setup will make working on any thru-axle wheel easier & more secure.

2020 Feedback Sports tools Pro Thru-Axle Truing Stand Adapter

Simply thread the rod through the axle, tighten the cones down, then clamp the rod into the regular fork tip to true your wheel. The new Pro Thru-Axle Truing Adapter will come with the Pro Truing Stand starting in 2020, and will also be available on its own for to upgrade existing stands for ~$20.

2020 Feedback Sports tools A Frame Third Leg support and Rakk XL fat bike rack

Feedback also has a couple of new bike storage updates to their folding A-frame event rack and individual Rakk bike floor stands. An additional Third-Leg support will soon be available for their $300 A Frame event rack. Sure, few consumers will ever need one of these things, but with more heavy enduro bikes & e-bikes, the additional adjustable support leg in the middle means you’ll be able to pack 8+ bikes tight, no matter how heavy they are.

The new $50 Rakk XL has been optimized to work with Plus-sized & Fat bike tires, 2.8-5″ wide. The Rakk is already a modular design with adjustable cones for the upper tire contact, and now with wider lower spacing & a pair of lower inserts that are removed to fir the most giant rubber it will work with the widest tires on the market. The Rakk still can be used for just one bike, or linked together with the integrated bracket for stable storage of as many bikes as you need.

If you are a tool nerd like I am and want to check out other new tool finds, have a look at the latest new tech from Birzman, Fix Mfg & Unior, or just browse our Clothing, Gear & Tools category to catch up…


  1. K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

    Gosh, only if Feedback made a proper “pro” bench mounted truing stand with two legs for wheel builders, and proper wheel building tools to go with it… That would be something.

    • Shafty on

      I’d say they don’t because they’re not confident they’d sell. YOU say you want one, but the shop stands from Park are already too much for most consumers. That’s not mentioning brands like Centrimaster or PK Lie.

      • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

        Feedback has boatloads of their bike stands, racks, and tools in professional settings, and wildly popular at that. So really, why not expand into better wheel tools? Think about this for a sec.. The average consumer is such a small % of truing stand sales no matter the brand. Vast majority of truing stands go to shops and factories with just a dash of DIY’ers on the consumer side. The general public isn’t the target market for pro wheel tools, never have been. Doesn’t mean they don’t sell.

        Feedback already converted a lot of former Park bike stand users over, including myself. I could totally see them give the pro level Park truing stands some competition if done right. Namely the accuracy of the caliper and centering adjustments.


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