For the third time in their history, Paul Component is releasing a limited edition set of blue components. The blue anodized lineup includes their most popular items, like the stem, seatpost binder, Klamper disc brake caliper, and mechanical brake lever. But the rest of the gang is all there, too…

2019 limited edition blue ano paul component bike parts

The Stem Cap and Gino light mounts are blue, as is the seatpost, binder, stem…

…Minimoto rim brakes and Klamper disc brake calipers, skewers (they make QR and thru axle versions), and more. You may not see “blue” in the dropdown menu for each item, so contact them if you want to give your bike the blues, too.


  1. So, apparently this is how he stays in business. He doesn’t even make narrow-wide chainrings, and his rings only fit his cranks, which he doesn’t make anymore (at least they’re not on his website). Late comers like Absolute Black and Wolf Tooth have crowded him out of the market. I guess he doesn’t care.

    • Because Paul doesn’t make a part that you want that means they’re irrelevant… Hmmm, head scratcher for sure. How do you get crowded out of a market that you never even entered? [rhetorical] Odd logic.

    • From all intents and purposes it seems like Paul is a good guy. He seems like a decent employer providing skilled American manufacturing jobs, the products they make are excellently made and well designed for purpose. Pretty sure at this stage of the game he could sell off to QBP etc; retire and watch his company go to a Taiwanese catalogue ordering company.

      • Crash, I kinda wish he would. I love Paul products, have owned a few over the years, but wish they were a lil cheaper and more readily available… And kind of tired of seeing “news stories” about a “limited color” release.

        • I don’t see the problem with the limited color releases here. King does it, Onyx does it. All with various ways of delivering the news, whether here or with a news letter or social media. Ultimately you’re complaining about something you deem ‘not newsworthy’, can scroll past, and don’t have to click on. [shoulder shrug]

    • Paul has stayed in business by offering niche products people want- singlespeed hubs and chain tensioners (he helped popularize them both), high end mechanical disc brake calipers (the only one on the market), the only cable brake levers still made with bearings at the pivot, and, yes- colors people want. I’d imagine he stopped making the crank because it didn’t sell (might have been because it accepts only his chainrings, that was indeed a bad call).

      • White Industries accept only their chainrings (TSR single and VBC double) and have been around for well over a decade. So I guess some survive just fine making bad calls, eh?

        • Some do, some don’t. I’d say that in general, inventing a new standardis something that tends to work out better for giant companies than it does for small ones.

          • Generally speaking yes. But Paul stopped making those cranks because they were meant for fixed gear (dead), not because the chainring mount was proprietary. They only came in 165mm crank arm lengths with only a couple one-off 175’s. That new Italian company INGRID is also a proprietary direct chainring mount. As to whether they made a mistake in doing so remains to be seen. If the system is good I don’t see a problem with that.

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