Replacing the G-FORM Elite protection line-up are the all-new G-Form Pro Rugged knee & elbow pads, looking a lot more durable and therefore suitable for mountain biking than their predecessors. These pads see significant upgrades in comparison to the Elite pads, and they retail at $20 per pair less. With a 1621-1 certification and a new adjustable fit-strap, these pads are definitely worth taking a look at.

G-Form Pro Rugged Knee & Elbow Pads for MTB

G-Form say the Pro-Rugged pads are the most comfortable, lightweight protection they’ve created yet. Still using G-Form’s proprietary SmartFlex technology with XRD materials; it’s soft to touch but hardens rapidly upon harsh impacts. After the impact, it then goes right back to being soft, malleable and flexible, as if nothing happened. These pads are now protected by a bonded Armortex tear-resistant outer cover, a Kevlar-based material that resists tearing of the pad against rocks and rough stuff.

g-form knee pads
G-Form Pro Rugged Knee Pads feature an adjustable fit strap

Unlike the former Elite pads, the Pro Rugged line up sees the welcome addition of an adjustable upper fit strap, placed over a wide gripper portion that keeps the pad in place. At the back of the pads you’ll find a lightweight, thin, breathable panel which should allow comfortable freedom of movement. The bottom of the pad also features a gripper to keep it securely in place. On the inside you’ll find a soft foam where the pad contacts your skin.

G-Form Pro Rugged Elbow Pads don’t have an adjustable fit strap but do feature both an upper and lower gripper

Pricing & Availability

The G-Form Pro-Rugged Knee & Elbow pads are available in adult sizes XS through to XXL, and youth sizes S/M and L/XL. The knee pads will retail for $79.99 while the Elbow Pads will set you back $69.99.

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