Now that the digital dust has settled from Cyber Monday and Black Friday, it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming. But first – there’s one more day of special deals in the form of Giving Tuesday. This time though, most of the deals are for the charitable cause with generous matching grants to make your donation stretch a little farther. Below are just a few that we’ve come across in the past few days, but don’t consider it the definitive list – there are countless other ways that one could give back today.

  • Be Good Foundation: Rebecca Rusch feels that the bicycle was a gift that has changed her life. Because of that, she’s always tried to pay it forward and this year for Giving Tuesday the Be Good Foundation will help you to donate or start your own fundraiser. Those that do will have a chance to win prizes including a fully loaded Niner RLT RDO gravel bike, Assos jerseys, and more.
  • Can’d Aid: Can’d Aid’s Big, Bodacious, and Benevolent Bazaar auction will go to benefit their ongoing mission, and every dollar will be doubled by their board president, Dale Katechis until December 31st.
  • Challenged Athletes Foundation: The CAF is back for another Giving Tuesday, this time to support their 2020 grant distribution and the upcoming 2020 Paralympics. There are a few ways to donate including on Facebook where your donations have a chance to be quadrupled thanks to a match from the Knapp family up to $10,000 and their Facebook fundraiser.
  • Climate Neutral: Help Climate Neutral develop a “Climate Neutral Certification label” and offset your carbon footprint for a year by pledging $100. This should offset about 24 tons of CO2, or about what the average American’s yearly footprint is.
  • IMBA: Like what IMBA is doing with creating, enhancing, and protecting mountain bike trails? Then consider donating to fund their Trail Labs and Trail Accelerator Grant programs that are focused on “more trails close to home”
  • Road iD: If you’re looking for a way to give back and pick up something for yourself, Road iD is offering 20-50% off for donations of $5-100. All donations will go to the Sunday Morning Club to provide Christmas dinner to families in need in Northern Kentucky
  • The League of American Bicyclists: Today, the League of American Bicyclists will match all donations 1:1 by the Board of Directors. Donations will go towards Smart Cycling classes, Federal Advocacy, and making a more Bicycle Friendly America.
  • Other Ideas: As a reader pointed out, donating to your local trail advocacy group/builder is also a great idea. Don’t have a ton of money to spare? Sign up for a trail day and give back to the trails you use on a regular basis!

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