Yakima announced that they recently completed an acquisition of Road Shower, the pressurized and portable water system. In addition to acquiring all inventory and intellectual property, Yakima will also bring production in-house in the coming months.

Yakima acquisition of Road Shower water transportation system

Yakima now has another addition to their diverse product line, with the acquisition of the Road Shower portable shower system. Available in 4, 7, and 10-gallon sizes, the pressurized water system uses heat from the sun to increase temperature, offering a convenient way to shower, wash dishes, or give your bike a post-ride bath. Check out the press release below for full details.


LAKE OSWEGO, Ore., December 5, 2019Yakima, a pioneer in recreational cargo management solutions and outdoor specialty products, announced today that it has completed an asset acquisition of Road Shower, the leading on-vehicle outdoor recreation water transport system. Through the acquisition, Yakima will take ownership of Road Shower’s intellectual property and existing inventory as it works to transition production to its own facilities.

“We are thrilled to add Road Shower’s proven products to our ever-growing portfolio of industry-leading racks, cargo boxes, and outdoor specialty equipment,” said Yakima CEO Ryan Martin. “Road Shower is a natural fit for us in that it fulfills specific needs for a wide range of Yakima customers and facilitates greater enjoyment of the outdoors.”

Following on the heels of the launch or expansion of several key categories for Yakima—including Truck, Basecamp, and Sportsman—Road Shower offers utility and versatility to adventure campers, anglers, surfers, bikers, kayakers, and anyone who wants to keep their gear, their vehicles, and themselves clean while out in the wild.

“After four years of exploring options with Yakima, I couldn’t be happier to hand the Road Shower reins to such a forward-thinking, innovative group of people,” said Road Shower founder Joel Cotton. “I take comfort in knowing that the products I put so much into developing and bringing to market are now in such capable hands.”

Cotton began work on the first-generation Road Shower in 2007 after a frustrating experience trying to clean up with a solar shower after a long day of riding Utah’s White Rim Trail. In fact, Cotton mounted his very first Road Shower to a Yakima bike rack for transport. Fast forward 12 years and Road Shower is now in its fourth iteration, available in 4-, 7-, and 10-gallon capacities.

“One of the things that drew us to Road Shower, aside from its quality, is the entrepreneurial spirit that went into its development,” said Jonny Wood, Yakima Product Manager, Automotive & Expansions. “Yakima came from humble beginnings, too, founded in a Yakima Valley machine shop some 40 years ago. We’re big fans of Joel and his vision and are excited to continue his great work.”

Road Shower will be available for purchase at Yakima.com beginning December 12.




  1. You know, I’ve always been pretty happy with just throwing a Solar Shower up on the roof, but now that I look at one of these, it looks like it would be super simple and cheap to build. When they say “pressurized” do they just mean gravity fed, it says no electric hook-up, so I don’t see how else it’s done. How do they keep the water from getting TOO hot?

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