If it’s not on Strava, did you really ride? At this point, that joke is getting pretty tired, but it captures the devotion that many have to the insanely popular ride tracking app. Whether gunning for KOMs or simply keeping track of your yearly mileage, the app can be a fun tool to add to your adventures. We likely don’t need to tell you that as Strava is recording 1 million new athletes per month in 195 different countries that are tracking 33 separate sports. All of that adds up to 19 million activities per week. That’s a lot of data, which Strava compiles into their annual Year in Sport report.

Strava 2019 Year in Sport report provides highlights athlete habits, popular gear, and more

In 2019, there are some interesting metrics including the rise of indoor training – or at least the uploading of virtual rides. This doesn’t necessarily mean that more people are riding on trainers, but it does mean that more cyclists are uploading rides from apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad. Also, the volume of virtual rides continues to increase in both January and July, though January still reigns supreme for virtual rides.

Strava 2019 Year in Sport report provides highlights athlete habits, popular gear, and more

To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I added any gear selections to activities or the app in general, but that clearly isn’t the case for everyone. For those that do include their bike of choice, the Trek Checkpoint is the fastest growing bike for year-over-year growth. But as mentioned, that could just mean that owners of Trek Checkpoints are more likely to include their ride within the app.

Strava 2019 Year in Sport report provides highlights athlete habits, popular gear, and more

The report goes on to examine the most common start times of group rides vs. all others, the secrets of motivation, gender parity in commuting, the effect of Daylight Savings on activities, and more. It’s a bit hard to comprehend, but Strava users have recorded 5.6 billion (with a ‘b’) miles and 296.7 billion feet of elevation gain.

To see the whole report, check it out here.



  1. Deleted Strava. If I can’t track with heart rate and power I have no use for it. Turns out I didn’t need it to begin with.

    • If you are actually using power and heart rate get a Garmin Or Warhoo like everyone else then let it sync to Strava. Strava app is just a social media platform with basic tracking on a smartphone. But great thing is you cared enough to reply on here. Let’s face it if you have any riding friends or enjoy stats you do indeed miss it

  2. Strava isn’t cool anymore… i loved it back in the days, it was fun to meet some new peoples and new trails. And now all what they want to do is, to sell me some strava summit bullshit everytime when i start the app…

    Dear Strava…. go Back to you roots! less facebook bullsh*t, less data collecting.

    • It may not be unique any more, but its beyond useful. On a recent business trip, I was able to map out 4 awesome rides by using the heat map data along with looking at a few of the locals ride data (just look at the leaderboards for who to watch). Before strava, it was always a gamble trying to map out a ride in a new place. Most of the time I would just do out and backs, and no one likes that.

    • Old man yells at cloud. I WANT EVERYTHING FOR FREE! Strava is a wonderful tool, support them. See your friends rides, keep track of your own rides. It’s really not a bad thing

  3. Never used Strava. Stopped using Instagram. It turns out that you can just ride your bike and enjoy life without making it a narcissistic dick measuring contest.

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