This summer, Pivot finally upgraded their LES hardtail into a properly lightweight XC race bike…at the expense of their Swinger II adjustable dropouts. That meant no more singlespeed option with what was arguably one of the best sliding dropouts on the market. Until now. The new LES Singlespeed gets the same new SL frame, but brings back the Swinger II dropouts for a fully modern, and much lighter, one-geared mountain bike. And you can still add a derailleur…

new pivot les ss singlespeed hardtail mountain bike

What’s new? What’s not?

Really, the LES SS is simply the LES SL frame with different rear dropouts. That means the frame has dropped a couple hundred grams using the same metal-removal strategies as the SL. As in, they took out any metal that didn’t need to be there. No alloy sleeve bonded into the bottom bracket shell, very few alloy parts at the cable ports, and a recessed carbon headset cup that holds the lower bearings directly in the frame.

new pivot les ss singlespeed hardtail mountain bike is the pivot les still available as a singlespeed mountain bike

Even the Swinger II dropouts minimized the metal by using the carbon frame as the back plate for the slider.

new pivot les ss singlespeed hardtail mountain bike

The frame keeps all of the cable ports, hiding everything inside. There’s room for a remote dropper seatpost, the rear brake, and even derailleur cables or Di2 wires because…

new pivot les ss singlespeed hardtail mountain bike

You can bolt a derailleur hanger onto the Swinger II dropout if you want to convert this to a geared bike. There’s even Shimano Sideswing front derailleur cable routing…just in case. The Swinger II dropout holds a Boost 148mm spaced hub with standard threaded thru axle. The axle’s position is held with two oversized bolts on either side, and you change it by loosening them and turning the indexed positioning screws on the back of each dropout.

The benefit of the this design is that it doesn’t change your BB position relative to your saddle as you tension the chain. It does change the chainstay length slightly, and should have enough swing to accommodate a 3-4 tooth spread on the rear cog before you need to add/subtract chain links.

What’s the Pivot LES SS spec?

what is the gearing on the pivot les ss singlespeed mtb

The LES SS comes in one build only, and only as a 29er. It gets Stan’s NoTubes Crest wheels with Maxxis Ardent Race tires (2.35″ up front, 2.20 in the rear comes stock, but max rear tire clearance is 2.35″). The drivetrain is a Race Face Aeffect R alloy crankset with 32-tooth CINCH 11-speed chainring, paired with an 18-tooth Wolf Tooth Components cog with metal spacers to position it. It’s using a Shimano 11-speed chain, which helps save weight over the wider, burlier chains often found on singlespeed bikes. This means it’s narrower, so there should be less “wiggle” on the cog, which should reduce system wear and help keep the chain from dropping.

new pivot les ss singlespeed hardtail mountain bike

It gets a carbon Pivot handlebar and rigid seatpost, alloy Pivot stem and non-twistable lock-on grips. XT M8100 2-piston “race” brakes, a WTB Volt saddle and Fox Factory 32 Stepcast fork with remote lockout round out the package.

new pivot les ss singlespeed hardtail mountain bike

Claimed frame weight is 2.96lb (1,346g) for size medium. It’s available in S/M/L/XL. Retail is $4,699 for the complete bike, or get a frame-only for $2,099 or frame kit (frame, fork, headset) for $3,099.


  1. That is sad the $4700 only gets you entry level cranks. For that kind of money I would expect turbine at the least but really should have next. Especially since there is no derailleur or cassette.

  2. Modern geometry? It’s almost identical to a 2009 Gary Fisher Superfly Single Speed I still have. Pretty sure the Fisher is lighter too.

    • Agree 200%: after seeing (and riding) so many of the modern geo bikes, the HT angle literally looks like someone rode it straight into a curb and and either cracked the head tube or bent the fork back five degrees.

      Still patient waiting for a modern carbon SS hardtail option…

      • Pivot literally has this bike categorized as XC so HA of 69.5 with 100 mm fork is on par. However the LES frame is designed to handle 130 mm fork which would slack out the front to 68. Add the chainstay length at 17.1, that is pretty “modern” for an XC bike. Frankly if I want to build a “all mountain” set up SS I would rather go with titanium frame like Vassago Radimus or steel frame like Vassago VerHauen. They are both pretty slack – Radimus is 67 on with a 140 mm.

      • absolutely nothing wrong with the head angle!!
        so called modern geometry is just slack downhill focused geometry and some people actually prefer a bike which can actually handle well and even drift on flatter or rolling terrain
        69.5 degrees head angle is actually NOT STEEP but I would prefer steeper like my original Pivot Mach 429 which has motocross level handling (and not only when it’s pointed downhill) – that bike rocks a 71 degree head angle and long chainstays for excellent front to rear weight distribution – bring that awesome geometry back Pivot!!!

  3. Love single speeds. They’re Punk, and should be steel not plastic. $2,099 for a 1346g frame. There are way better choices out there.

    • Who has a lighter single speed frame? The Niner is 2.5 lbs and you have to buy a $180 eccentric bottom bracket that isn’t included in the weight. Titanium and aluminum start at 3.5lbs. and steel pushes 5lbs. Getting a dialed ss setup is hard, this seems like a solid high end option.

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