Spring still seems a long way off if you ask me. Yes, we’re at the backside of Christmas and New Year, but i’m still wet through and plastered in half a hill worth of mud everytime I finish a ride. I can’t help but long for the dry, sometimes even dusty. trails that summer will bring, but Lil’ Robbo on his Nukeproof Reactor 275c has reminded me of the delights only winter can offers. Rejoice in his riding style of “there’s a rut, i’m gonna ride it”, “there’s a burn gap, i’m gonna send it”, renthuse yourself about the joys of winter, and get out there and slap some muddy ruts and cutty til your heart’s content.

Lil’ Robbo on the Nukeproof Reactor 275c

The Nukeproof Reactor is the newest addition is Nukeproof’s mountain bike line-up. Available in a 27.5″ version, ridden by Lil’ Robbo, and a 29er version, the Reactor fits the trail/all-mountain category of full suspension mountain bikes. On the 27.5″, 140mm rear wheel travel is paired with a 150mm travel fork, while on the 29er, 130mm of rear wheel travel is paired with a 140mm fork. Back in July of last year, we were lucky enough to test the Nukeproof Reactor 275c in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Briefly, she goes well, but for the full first ride review, click here.

Edit by Tommy C.


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