On a recent gravel trip to Scottsdale, we spotted these Vittoria Mezcal 700×35 tires aboard a key dealer’s personal bike. They’re new, in that there’s no such size currently offered on Vittoria’s website. The Mezcal is the brand’s fast rolling, dry conditions XC mountain bike tire. The design uses small knobs with a near continuous center line to reduce rolling resistance, which should make it perfect for fast, dry dirt and gravel roads.

prototype vittoria mezcal gravel and cyclocross tires

Currently, the smallest sizes offered is a 52 width (2.1″), so this 35 is coming closer to cyclocross sizes, but we suspect they’re working on a complete range. Why? Because word on the street is they won’t be available until late summer 2020, possibly even into fall. So they have time to develop the other sizes now that 42 and 47 are the more popular widths for gravel bikes.

Currently, their entire CX and gravel lineup is the Terreno series, which has four options in plenty of sizes, including a a 650Bx47 and 700c with 31, 33 and 38mm widths. So, the 35 is a new option for them, which (to us) suggests they’re looking at the right sizes for the discipline.

prototype vittoria mezcal gravel and cyclocross tires prototype vittoria mezcal gravel and cyclocross tires

The sidewalls indicate they’ll have Vittoria’s latest Graphene 2.0 tread compound, which they say carries the triumvirate of benefits: High grip in both wet and dry conditions, low rolling resistance, and durability.

Vittoria’s official statement on these? “We have no idea what you’re talking about ;-)” Take that as you will, we take it as an indication our source is spot on.



  1. Beeg on

    I always thought this tread pattern would be great for gravel. Make them in 38c or 40c and take my money. Smaller and I’ll likely pass.

      • ben on

        narrower tires requieres more technique and a different riding style to find grip and prevent puntures. Uci limits the size to keep tehnique a part of cylocross. Some people (me) like that also, even not racing uci, instead of just bulldozer over rocks and roots with fat tires…

  2. BigC on

    These look amazing. Some elements of the Terreno Muds with a more prominent center line. Vittoria makes the Terreno Zeros in a 35mm, although they measure closer to 38mm on my 20mm internal rims. These would be great in the same size since their 38mms are closer to 40 for me. I just hope they make them lighter than all the other Terreno tires!

    • Smoothmoose on

      The Terreno Zero in Graphene 2.0 now measure true to size, the previous 1.0 were wider than spec. However, my disappointment is the require a hooked rim, and my wheels are hookless.

      • unlearnbobby on

        I’ve also got thousands of miles on my Terreno Zero 38’s on my ENVE AR 4.5 rims with ZERO issuse. Singletrack, rowdy dirt, pavement, gravel, deep gravel they’ve been flawless. The 38 Zero is my current all time favorite dirt/gravel tire right now.

  3. BMW on

    This all day. Please, please make them in more than just one or two sizes like Vittoria loves to do. Would buy for a few of my bikes, and if they rode well, would suggest to customers as well. Also gotta say I love the gray sidewalls of Vittoria, it’s a nice change on the market from skin/tan wall.

  4. Hans Mogensen on

    I have been using the 29 x 2.1 Mezcals for everything. Gravel, trails and the pavement in between. I like them and have served me well. When I was searching for a tire I liked I even emailed Vittoria and asked if they had plans for a 700c, LOL.


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