With peak gravel season fast approaching, are you considering any upgrades for your rig?Maybe you’re going to finally pull the trigger on that carbon wheel purchase you’ve been dreaming about? For one of the fastest growing categories in cycling, it seems that there are still a lot of questions out there about ‘gravel.’

OPEN x ENVE UP gravel bike, limited edition Unbeaten Path carbon gravel road bike G series component collaboration

Whether you’re racing, or just looking to explore some routes off the beaten path, gravel bikes are a good way to change things up. But they also present some unique requirements for your equipment. That’s why we’re having ENVE back for another AASQ installment, this time focused around the world of gravel, road, or some combination of both.

Whatever the question, get them in early and we’ll select the best ones to answer next week! Use this form to submit your question.



    • In mountains there can absolutely be days when there’s snow on the ground and a rider can be comfortable in shorts and short sleeves. There are loads of pictures of skiers, in spring, skiing in shorts and short sleeves.

      With the lower air pressure found at high elevations, convective heat loss goes down, which means a person feels warmer than they would in the higher air pressure at lower elevations, all else being equal.

  1. OK: all else being equal, between aerodynamics and rolling resistance which is faster, 650×47 or 700×40? Assumptions:
    * dirty kanzaa course (whatever that gravel grade works out to)
    * 15mph average
    * 150lb rider
    * 650×47 @ 21/22psi
    * 700×40 @ 25/26psi
    * tubeless
    * roughly even tire/wheel system weight

    Asking for a friend.

  2. Six months ago, I purchased SES 5.6 disc wheels and noticed that there’s what appears to be slight white brush marks around the carbon edge where the spokes enter. I thought I had scraped them or it was a blem, but it’s all the way around. I’ve owned over 5 pairs of Enve/Edge wheels and have never seen this.
    One of the mechanics at my shop said more recent wheels had that marking. Is this from production?

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