Mavic is back with a performance update to their ultra-premium Comete Ultimate carbon exoskeleton road shoes, adding a surprising 30% reduction in cost. Most of that savings seems to be down to more efficient production, as the new shoes are actually more complex, promising unmatched stiffness, improved comfort & better fits.

Mavic Comete Ultimate v2 carbon skeleton road shoes

When Mavic debuted the astronomically-priced Comete Ultimate carbon exoskeleton road shoes three years back, we wondered how much performance you could really get out of a $1000 / 1000€ pair of cycling shoes, or when that tech would trickle down to a more attainable level. Now they’ve come back with a new, more affordable Comete Ultimate that maintains the same modular two-piece construction, updating both carbon shell & inner bootie for increased performance… claiming “The best power transfer ever seen in cycling footwear”.

Comete Ultimate version 2.0 – What’s new?

2020 Mavic Comete Ultimate v2 road shoes, ultra stiff lightweight carbon exoskeleton road bike shoes

c. Mavic

The new perforated Energy Shell Carbon exoskeleton looks similar to the original, besides its reshaped openings (and smaller logos). But across the medial (inner) side of the instep, Mavic has deviated from the previous carbon-only construction by adding a new proprietary Matryx fabric to adjust fit over the midfoot. Weaving together carbon with aramid, the Matryx straps allows a more flexible, yet no-stretch fit as you dial in how tight you want the shoe without pressure points. (Interestingly, it’s the same fabric that makes up the 250€ lace-up Allroad Pro gravel shoes, debuted last spring.)

2020 Mavic Comete Ultimate v2 road shoes, ultra stiff lightweight carbon exoskeleton road bike shoes

The standard separate one-piece internal bootie liner is also updated for improved comfort with a softer inner fabric & improved ventilation, snapping into place inside the shell for a secure fit. Mavic even says the revised construction shaves a few grams too. Still prioritizing stiffness & power transfer over ultimate weight savings, for a claimed 210g per shoes (shell & liner).

Comete Ultimate 2.0 road shoes – Tech details

2020 Mavic Comete Ultimate v2 road shoes, ultra stiff lightweight carbon exoskeleton road bike shoes

The new Mavic Comete Ultimate carbon road shoes keep the same low cut around the ankle for freedom of movement, and the larger-volume toe box (for a narrow shoe) which Mavic really started to do two summers ago with their Cosmic Ultimate SL shoes.

2020 Mavic Comete Ultimate v2 road shoes, ultra stiff lightweight carbon exoskeleton road bike shoes

The Comete Ultimates maintain the same ultra-low 4.5mm stack height of the original, thanks to the same general thickened & vented carbon sole construction. They also keep the same fixed rubber toe tread & outer scuff bumpers, plus replaceable rubber heel tread block. Fine fit adjustment is handled by two Mavic Ergo Dial II millimeter adjustable retention dials pulling the flexible Matryx strap across the foot, still keeping the quick release tab that secures the wires over the straps.

The shoes are sold as a kit only with the shell & modular summer liner, but Mavic says a cold weather liner will also be made available separately. Inside a premium OrthoLite insole reduces vibration and supports the bottom of your foot.

Mavic Comete Ultimate shoes – Pricing & availability

2020 Mavic Comete Ultimate v2 road shoes, ultra stiff lightweight carbon exoskeleton road bike shoes

This new version of Mavic Comete Ultimate carbon road shoes now sells for $770 / 700€ (fighting strong with Specialized in the high-priced road shoe wars). The shoes also now come in a closer size range, offering UK half sizes from 6.5-12. They are available through European dealers now, with US availability expected soon.


  1. Jackalope on

    I’ve been riding these for the past 6 months, and they are absolutely phenomenal shoes. Everything from fit, to power transfer, to breathability. Truly a grand innovation and improvement over the previous.

  2. Eyal on

    Pretty shoe! Unfortunately, like all other elite shoes, it’s a disposable shoes design. Why isn’t the heel pad replaceable? Why isn’t the toe-box pad replaceable?

    • TruckNutZ on

      Try doing some quick research before posting. The rear heel pad is replaceable. The front would be considered unnecessary on a shoe of this level since your cleat would be the point of front contact. If you are wearing out the front points of your shoes, you are doing something wrong.

    • c36c36 on

      #1 the rear is replaceable and #2 any reasonably good shoe artisan will be able to install one if needed… I have been doing this for years when needed

  3. Hexsense on

    “same ultra-low 4.5mm stack height of the original”
    With Ultimate in the name and at that price, why don’t they try to match Bont’s 3.6mm stack height then?
    What would be the reason to have a thicker sole than Bont, which is already reviewed as super stiff?

    • Robin on

      Different design. There are other considerations beyond stack height for a sole, and 1mm difference in stack height between two different makes of shoes is unlikely to have any significant impact on performance. Hell, any performance difference could very not be measurable.

  4. FritzP on

    Since the sock is replaceable and can also be swapped for cool weather these could be some long lasting kicks.

    Wish the dials were Boa tho for when they eventually wear out. Boa customer service with free nqa replacement is fantastic.

    • Joshua Saxe on

      There are replacement dials available from Mavic, which are quite easy to replace/install. A quick call to mavic customer service or a stop to your lbs can both help get you DIALed in.


  5. ranjodh gill on

    Mavic Comete Ultimate carbon road shoes now sells for $770 / 700€… LOL! the shoe cost as much as a gravel bike frame..

  6. T on

    The shoe (in size 45 1/3) is a lot wider than 90mm – definitively not suited for narrow feet and some heel slip as well. The Mavic representative told me, that they are 90mm wide…


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