This race might have been a bit unfair. Rebecca had just come off a 30+ hour “training race” as she preps for the Iditarod. And she doesn’t race short form. So, my challenge to her was a short gravel race, on trails we’d never ridden, with no real idea of when or where it would finish. Sounds like a good time, no?

But before the race, we went on a three hour practice ride to get used to our new bikes. I was on the Evil Chamois Hagar, and Rebecca was aboard her new Giant Revolt gravel road bike, sporting fresh duds from also-new sponsor Velocio. I grilled her for advice on gravel racing, and she delivered the knowledge. Here’s how it all went down…

Rebecca’s biggest tips for gravel racing:

  • Get your tire pressure right – You want a lot less than on the road, but a little more than mountain bikers use. Experiment to get it right because you need that cushion to take the edge off impacts and provide maximum traction.
  • Draft on the flats, get the hole shot into singletrack – Obviously, this is what won the race for her. Obviously.

how fast is rebecca rusch

Huge thanks to Rebecca Rusch for being a good sport, and to folks at Lyman Agency, Dirty Kanza and SBT GRVL for helping us film our race!


  1. Craigcyclet on

    Fun to watch y’all tearin’ it up on gravel bikes, aka cycling’s latest ‘creation’ to quench both roadies’ & mountain bikers’ thirst ; however, maybe a little more caution around the equestrians, as there’s been a substantial loss of shared trails that were once but are no longer open to bikes, a sad result of ‘bad blood’ between equestrians and cyclists.


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