In the UK, over 150 Muc-Off retailers are signed up to the Muc-Off In-Store Refill program, whereby customers can pop into their local dealer to refill their empty bottle of Nano Bike Cleaner, avoiding the use of more single-use plastics, and receiving a welcome discount. Following the success of the refill stations in the UK, Muc-Off are launching the Refill Program in the States. Global expansion coming soon!


Muc-Off In-Store Refills of Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

This project has been developed as part of Muc-Off’s bigger move towards significantly reducing plastic under the business’ ‘Project Green’; a campaign which aims to eliminate over 30 tons of plastic by 2023. Muc-Off say this new in-store service supports Muc-Off‘s dealer network by helping to diversify dealers‘ revenue streams and facilitating regular repeat custom.

Muc-Off Nano Cleaner in-store refill stations cut packaging waste at your local bike shop

“Finding ways to reduce plastic and CO2 is top of the agenda here at Muc-Off. Encouraging and facilitating the re-filling of our bottles through our IBD network is a positive step towards helping us achieve our Project Green objective as well as supporting our dealers.” – Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off Managing Director

We’re not sure on the pricing for re-fills in the US, but in the UK retailers are offering 50% off the price of buying a new bottle. At $16.49 for a litre, the proverbial carrot is surely big enough to make the trip to your local store.

Muc-Off are giving the refill Point of Sale stands to dealers for free when they place an order for 2 x 25 litre containers of Nano Bike Cleaner. Their intention is to place 250 refill stations in US stores, saving 54,000 plastic bottles from being produced, equating to just over 6 tons. Muc-Off also plan to roll this initiative out in other markets over the coming months which will further amplify the plastic savings.


  1. I still don’t see how this is worth 5x the price of similarly efficacious car wash products. I’ve used muc-off and Meguiars gold class wash and found Meguiars got the same result for $7 a gallon.

    • For sure a good initiative to reduce waste of plastic. From an environmental perspective riders ideally wash their bikes with water only, saves the chemicals and the plastic. Has worked for me ever since and I do live in an area where it is muddy a couple of months.

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