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Motion Instruments Suspension Telemetry Kit Shrinks in Size & Price

mountain biker riding with ion instruments system 2 suspension telemetry kit installed.
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Introduced a few years ago, their original suspension telemetry kit has bigger, more delicate, and much more expensive. The new, smaller, and more affordable Motion Instruments System 2 solves all of those problems, opening up true suspension setup testing to the masses.

MSRP for the original was $1,300, and, in their words, they’re “sold hundreds”. For teams and brands that got past that upfront cost, the other issue was the potentiometers, which are really expensive but also don’t last that long.

The new system is just $499 and it’s 100% electronic, there are no moving parts. It’s also hermetically sealed and IP67 waterproof, so you could power wash your bike and it’d be fine.

motion instruments mountain bike fork testing equipment

It’s also smaller and much easier to mount to almost any bike. Up front, the Fork sensor works on everything from XC to DH, with a crown mount for double crown forks.

The whole thing mounts in like 5 minutes with a single 2mm hex wrench. The top slots over your fork’s Schrader valve, and the included top cap replacement holds the device in place. As such, this is designed tow work only with air sprung forks.

motion instruments mountain bike shock testing equipment

The rear shock is even easier. It uses an angle sensor on the bike rather than an potentiometer and piggyback sensor on the shock. The angle sensor mounts magnetically to a pivot point and feeds to a brain that straps to the top tube.

motion instruments mountain bike shock testing equipment

The design lets you quickly move it from bike to bike or use it to test different shocks back to back.

MotionIQ app visualizes the data

motion instruments system 2 suspension telemetry kit shown with app on screen

Their MotionIQ app is now on iOS and Android, which is used to show the data from your ride. It’s recording in real time, there’s no on-board data capture built into the System 2 hardware, so you’ll need to ride with your phone on you and paired to the kit.

motion instruments' motion IQ app screenshots

‘They also made most of the features free, with no subscription fee, so your total cost of ownership is lower, too. There are still paid Pro and Coach versions for teams or shops who need more data or need to record it for more riders and keep it all sorted.

motion instruments system 2 mountain bike suspension testing kit parts shown installed on a bike.

Some syncing with Strava lets you use segments and tracks to make course-specific adjustments based on your recorded data, so there’s ongoing benefit to using it…it’s not just a one-time tuning and then it sits in a box on a shelf. They say it’s also handy for checking data and suspension performance when you’re at a different course, and probably even when changing tires.

What’s in the box?

motion instruments system 2 mountain bike suspension testing kit parts.

The Motion Instruments v2 kit includes:

  • Front Tracer
  • Rear Tracer
  • Strap Kit
  • Adhesive Kit
  • Magnet Kit

Additional mounts, including an adapter for dual-crown forks, are available separately. MSRP for the kit is $499, ships in June 2024.


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Jan Hammer
Jan Hammer
4 days ago

That’s a pretty impressive price for the ability to get good data.

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