A couple months ago we got a tease of the prototype full-suspension, fat-tire, disc brake Fingers Crossed BMX project bikes of big names in small wheels Ruben Alcantara, Garrett Byrnes, Mike Bennett & Ari Cruz as they started hitting bigger jumps and mountain bike trails on 20″ wheels. Their project has since progressed and we get to see even more of the riding that’s come out of it.

Fingers Crossed, shredding full-suspension BMX bikes

Fingers Crossed BMX prototype, steel full-suspension 20inch BMX bike prototypes of Ruben Alcantera

c. Fingers Crossed, video by TRAXX Media, shooting by Salva Moreno & Ryan Navazio

The first installment of Fingers Crossed takes you behind the scenes to see how long Ruben Alcantara has been working on the full-suspension BMX project. It takes a look at his early prototypes, making very clear why he’s been crossing his fingers every time he threw a leg over one of his prototype contraptions.

Fingers Crossed BMX prototype, steel full-suspension 20" BMX bike prototypes of Ruben Alcantera

Then in Málaga, the more recent iterations that look a bit more well-built, if not still super sketchy

Add into that mix Garrett Byrnes chiming in from across the Atlantic to build his own version, trading build tips & tire specs over voicemails.

Then with Ruben & Garrett together in Spain for volume two, it quickly devolves into bombing dirt jump trails on wild 20″ bikes, skidding through giant stone wall-rides, crashing into trees in the forest (and probably a bit of concussion along the way), to finally admitting that they have no idea about suspension, and ultimately epoxying a fork leg back into the crown to go hit some more sick jumps the next day.

Yikes! Don’t try this at home kids!

Fingers Crossed BMX prototype, steel full-suspension 20" BMX bike prototypes of Ruben Alcantera

The adventure continues…



  1. bmx on

    there is metal glue stuff that would do a way better job than epoxy. no way would I ride epoxy glued forks. Or get another crown from other suspension forks and chop the legs to lenght.

  2. Cryogenii on

    Ok, let’s be a little serious for a while. If you take a blow to the head like that, knocked out, memory loss, etc. you have to take it easy for 7 to 10 days.


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