The new SRAM MultiClics remote buttons are another control option in the growing eTap and eTap AXS family of parts. Designed to have a more pronounced tactile “click” than the Blips that launched with the original eTap road groups, they also move the button just off the bar. That should give them a double ergonomic edge over the Blips, no matter what bike you put them on.

The MultiClics plug into all generations of eTap shifters and BlipBoxes, from the original Red eTap group, all the way through the latest Red and Force AXS models, including the new VukaShift AXS 90 aero extensions. Use a BlipBox and you can even pair them with SRAM Eagle AXS mountain bike derailleurs and the Reverb AXS dropper post.

How much? When can I get them? What else?

sram multiclic remote shift buttons work with sram etap and sram axs red force eagle and reverb shifters derailleurs and dropper seatposts

Here’s the SRAM MultiClics specs, prices and details:

  • SRAM MultiClics start shipping in May 2020
  • Retail price is $120 for a pair
  • Three wire lengths will be offered: 150mm, 450mm & 800mm
  • Works with all generations of eTap and eTap AXS products
  • Compatible with Red, Force & Eagle groups, plus Reverb AXS
  • Plugs into road shifters and BlipBox, but not Eagle AXS shifters

you can use SRAM MultiClics remote shift buttons to shift any eTap or eTap AXS group for road triathlon and mountain bikes

The clicker part is attached to a rounded, flexible platform designed to conform to the diameter of most handlebars, bullhorns and aero bars. Just plug them in and wrap the bar tape over them to install.

The Blips will continue to be offered, so the MultiClics do not replace the Blips, only add another option to their collection.


  1. Intrigued! Recently picked up a CX bike with Red eTap AXS and after running Force CX1 for years I somewhat miss being able to do everything (shifting both ways) with just my right hand. This might be a good option for me to sort out a reasonable ‘one handed’ approach!

    • Di2!!! Same goes with their remote climbing shifter. I have that on both my road and cross bikes and it’s really handy. Allows for shifting up and down using only right hand.

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