Last week, Rockshox announced an all-new DebonAir air spring for the Pike, Lyrik, Yari and Revelation mountain bike forks. And we dove deep into the tech. But sometimes, you just need to see it in action. So we made a video that explains how their new air spring works, what it does to the performance, and what you can expect to feel on the trail.

Key features of the 2021 Rockshox DebonAir air spring are:

  • Positive and Negative air chambers now fill simultaneously & equally
  • Fork rides higher in the travel
  • Now has a consistent (normal) spring rate curve
  • May have to run slightly lower air pressure to achieve similar small bump compliance as before
  • Completely backwards compatible with just two small parts swaps
  • Comes standard on MY2021 Pike, Revelation, Lyrik & Yari forks

For the complete technical overview with photos and graphs, check out the launch coverage.

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