The original Hammerhead Karoo brought about some big ideas, and a big physical product. As in, it is easily one of the largest and heaviest cycling computers we’ve tried, but it packs a real punch in features. Now, it looks like they’re putting it on a diet, but only in size. The Karoo 2 should be even more capable, just smaller and lighter. Here’s what we know so far…

Lance leaked it.

lance armstrong shows off box for the new hammerhead karoo 2 gps cycling computer


Well, apparently, when you’re an investor, you tend to get excited about things your investments are doing. This popped up on Lance’s Instagram today, showing just the box. Or is it?

hammerhead karoo 2 cycling computer spy shot


Zoom in and we’re betting that’s the new Karoo 2 sitting in front of his stem. It’s still big, but it would need to be to show the mapping features in a useful manner. Here’s our best guess as to how this will stack up against the original:

review of the hammerhead karoo gps cycling computer

This pic was from our review of the original Hammerhead Karoo v1, which has been outlined in orange. The new one, cropped from that teaser image, sits over it in our estimation of its final size. Not a ton smaller, but likely a little thinner.

Why would you want this?

Good question. After all, Wahoo and Garmin have a lot of great features. But sometimes we like something different. And if you have a Karoo, you know that they are continuously pushing out meaningful updates to improve its features and performance.

Some of the highlights include running on Android OS, being able to pull Strava rides from others and turn them into GPX routes with turn-by-turn directions, on-device keyboard for renaming bikes, sensors and your rides before they sync, and full color mapping. The original also had the ability to add a SIM card with data plan for completely autonomous real-time use of every feature, too…it’ll be interesting to see if they carry that over and what else they do with that.

will hammerhead update the karoo or come out with a new model - yes and here is a photo of it

Photo courtesy of Hammerhead.

So, what’s new? Here’s what Hammerhead’s team told us:

“The Karoo 2 is designed to put your cycling experience first. It’s frustration-free and offers a seamless experience from pre-ride through post-ride, making it incredibly simple for cyclists to use workouts, ride routes, use third-party apps, and get all the insights they need.”

“Karoo 2 will be the ultimate high-performance head unit, fit for champions. We’re creating a device fully designed to perform at the highest levels of the sport, from both a hardware and software perspective.”

“The new device will offer the same revolutionary Karoo experience, now with upgraded hardware to take your ride to the next level.”

They no longer sell the original model, but you can sign up for updates on their website to be alerted when the new one is available. But, they promise they will continue to push out updates and support the original. In fact, they told us that most if not all updates for the Karoo 2 should also work for the Karoo 1, too.


    • Onrhodes on

      I assume you no longer use USPS too. How about Watch Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Animal Planet? Use a computer with an AMD chip, ride a Trek or Bontrager product, Or how about Honey Stinger Waffles? I could probably keep going……

  1. cgiacca on

    The only problem I had with the original was it could not tether and share the internet connection of my phone – allowing internet access without paying an extra monthly subscription for a second sim card as well as the ability to see phone notifications on the head unit.

    Also, no audio speaker?!

    This is still a dealbreaker for me, so hopefully it’s something they will resolve in this new version.

    • KeithT on

      You could and can tether! Not an issue…tbt audio through a Bluetooth bud or headset is perfect…or external BT speaker… Works great

  2. Evan on

    I don’t care how nifty it is. The companies association with Lance Armstrong is a complete nonstarter for me, no matter how much I detest my Garmin.

  3. Moby on

    My Karoo barely works. When I bought it last summer it was not even alpha level software. It was basically a brick. Now, it’s come a long ways, but it can’t keep a powermeter connected over ANT+ for multiple hours. Stages gen3, Rotor 2INPower, Pioneer DA dual sided, 2xQuarq DZero. Some are better than others but sensor support is still buggy at best. And trivial things like a Last Lap Avg Power field don’t exist.

    So my reaction on see the 2 was WTF – you can’t even get what you’ve already sold to work, and now you want people to buy something else from you? Get your act together Hammerhead. Make what you’ve got great – hardware isn’t the problem.

  4. James Hounslow on

    Given that they still haven’t fulfilled the promises on launch of the original Karoo, still haven’t managed to sort out routing, still make it different to use after almost every significant update, unless you are one of the Karoo fanboys you should really save your money and your frustration and buy literally anything else. Does everything my iPhone can but less well, without any of the benefits of being a phone. Of all the crap that I buy, this is the one that I regret the most. If you enjoy development lies, broken promises and having your relatively small hopes shattered then buy a Karoo.

  5. Seamus on

    Speaking of dopers, my Karoo is dope. Or in English, frickin’ awesome. Works great w my Ant+ power meter (SRM) and Bluetooth HR strap (Suunto). Nav and maps are among best in class. I don’t have Varia radar, but those who do love the integration and remark it’s better than Garmin’s. Unlike comment above, mine tethers to my iPhone easy peasy. Same w home wifi. Some folks lament the absence of a speaker for TbT and Varia alerts, but I don’t like beeps, so I’m ok w/o. Anyway, this thing is really outstanding. If v2 is lighter, I’m in!!!

  6. c36c36 on

    I would follow you there… that would take me an extra effort to look into the product, the effort to overcome the severe aversion I have against a cheater and such a mafia-type leader personality.

  7. Kikemon on

    I am not in the market for something like this, but I absolutely would let their choice of spokesperson factor in to whether I would buy this. This is being pitched by (and, therefore, benefits) someone who has done a great deal of damage to a sport I used to have a great love for. Would I let their choice of spokesman stop me from enjoying this latest and greatest piece of tech that will revolutionize bicycling blah, blah, etc. etc. etc? You are damn right I would. I definitely know how to vote with my wallet. Besides, another, even greater product will be along shortly. I can wait.

    If Lance showed up at the office to fix the copy machine one day I would be more than happy to pay him for it and help him get a start rebuilding his life. But not this. Not bicycles anymore.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      I don’t like Lance both personally and professionally but let’s stop this he destroyed the sport silliness as though that era wasn’t prone to massive doping scandal after another or that he is responsible for the flawed funding model in WT cycling. Lance was a bully and an ass hat but he also made Trek into what it is (a billion dollar company) and a good proportion of Americans that got into cycling got into it when Lance was winning those races.

  8. Buck on

    Sorry you are having issues… mine is all but flawless. Its a huge chunk of plastic for sure but the speed, screen and navigation are amazing. I don’t see any improvement in ANT+ sensors over my Garmin 1030 but bluetooth sensors are way more reliable on the Karoo. The ability to grab a ride off MTB project or Strava is beyond easy on the Karoo.

  9. Mikelewis on

    After 3 years suffering with my Garmin edge 1000, dealing with the unit going nuts mid ride and never being able to navigate properly, crap useless screens like elevation, rubbish rerouting etc, I took the plunge and got a Karoo. Never looked back and Garmin sold. The Karoo does everything very well-I ride about 3000 km a year and this.unit has never let me down. If you can deal with regular software updates and changes, no speaker not an issue for me, big unit-don’t care because it works, maps are amazing……then this could be the unit for you. Does it bother you that lance has one?

  10. David White on

    I honestly regret buying the Karoo. So many lost rides. Wifi turns itself off all the time. Stops halfway through a ride and have start a new ride. Then it won’t upload the 1st part – I could go on for pages but this piece of crap is going in the garbage. I was hoping for so much more. App on a smartphone is way more reliable and never any problems.

  11. Pshhh on

    Would you buy an Apple iPhone if trump made it? Duh.. don’t care who’s promoting it. Do you drink coke? Oreos? Fast food? Well all owners blow and have cheated us from our money with junk products. So lance advertising the newest and greatest tech, I don’t care. People should stay on their flip phones and stay using old tech

  12. Rob on

    Was really interested in the original Karoo, almost bought one last December but realized you cannot connect your phone for notifications and that is a deaI breaker. I asked them about it at the time and they said it was not in there plans. Hopefully they changed their mind and that capability is in the Karoo 2.

  13. Tennyson on

    Seems promising but not giving up my G 1030 Edge yet. Never a issue with it and responds well. But watching this system for sure to see the bugs worked through. Not a LA fan but that would not keep me from buying.


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