The Wahoo TICKRx heart rate monitor chest strap was unique when it launched in that it could track your workout without being tethered to a phone or cycling computer. Now, the TICKR and TICKRx have added running dynamics via ANT+ to their heart rate and cycling cadence collection features.

New lighter, slimmer Wahoo TICKRx HR strap now measures cadence...sometimes New lighter, slimmer Wahoo TICKRx HR strap now measures cadence...sometimesNew lighter, slimmer Wahoo TICKRx HR strap now measures cadence...sometimes

For cyclists, one of the biggest updates is the new slimmer design. The back of the center unit is now smooth all the way across and the heart rate sensors themselves are also thinner and more comfortable on the skin. It’s also a tiny bit lighter – but hey, 3 grams is 3 grams, right?

In spite of getting slimmer, it somehow packs in more antennas. This lets you connect it to up to three devices simultaneously, through both ANT+ and Bluetooth. So, you can pair it with a watch and your phone, for example.

New lighter, slimmer Wahoo TICKRx HR strap now measures cadence...sometimes

There are two versions, the TICKR (in white and stealth) and TICKRx, and both get the new slimmer design. They also both move their indicator lights to the top, so you can see if it’s on, paired and working without tilting it.

TICKRx has up to 50 hours of built-in memory. It starts recording your effort immediately once it’s turned on. Then sync it with the app later to see your workout data. It also estimates calorie burn for your workout, too.

New lighter, slimmer Wahoo TICKRx HR strap now measures cadence...sometimes

The TICKRx gets the additional data processing that allows it to measure running dynamics like cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time. Their app uses that data to give you a running smoothness score. Indoors, when paired with the app and set to treadmill mode, it’ll also take a stab at calculating distance and speed.

For indoor cycling, it can detect your motion sufficiently to provide a cadence measurement when paired with the app and the workout is set to indoor cycling mode.

Available now, the TICKR retails for $49.99 (€49.99 / £39.99 / AUD$ 79.99). The TICKRx is $79.99 (€79.99 / £64.99 / AUD$ 129.95). They use one CR3032 battery that should give you about 500 hours of use. The strap is washable, and the head unit is IPX7 waterproof up to 5 feet.

New lighter, slimmer Wahoo TICKRx HR strap now measures cadence...sometimes

The TICKR V2 will also be available in updated ELEMNT Roam and ELEMNT Bolt stealth edition bundles for $479.99 and $329.99 respectively.


    • Maybe the TICKRX is? We only have the standard TICKR to weigh and check out. The new TICKR is definitely slimmer (12.67mm vs 13.67mm), and weighs in at 47g vs 50g on my scale for the original TICKR.

  1. Second that, I even wonder if some third-part studies have ever been performed on chest straps usage and longevity. Because one user experience will never tell as much as decent statistics.

    For instance I’ve had a TICKR X since early 2016 and… well infact I’ve used quite a bunch of them. The firsts ones where each eating batteries like chewing-gums. Close to a “1 / week” ratio, even some to a “1 / activity” ratio. So I somewhat quickly asked for exchanges. The last one lasted close to two years. So this one was pretty much truly going great, it even was still using its original battery. Great running time really. But it just died recenlty, close to the day of the updated TICKR range announcement. Meh. Now that I’m well past warranty period I don’t know how wahoo customer service will act, I’m currently discussing with them.

    In full retrospect I don’t know what to think. For the first exchanges (during warranty period), wahoo customer service was truly great and reactive, real kudos to them. But on the other side, I only did get to discuss with their support because their product was never really performing adequetaly in the first place.

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