KOM Cycling announced a bevy of new color options for their line of Wahoo Bike Mounts. As the name suggests, they’re compatible with Wahoo cycling computers, such as the MINI, BOLT, ELEMNT and ROAM. They’ll mount up to 31.8mm-or-smaller bars, giving you a stylish and secure way to display your device.

KOM doesn’t just make mounts for Wahoo, and we’ve already taken a close look at their Garmin-compatible products (which can also be used to hold and display a smartphone). Wahoo continues to grow in popularity, so KOM wanted to offer something for everyone.

Note that, similar to the Garmin-compatible products, you have multiple mounting options. The Wahoo Classic Mount and Wahoo Colored Mount (above) display your device above handlebar-level.

The Wahoo Aero mount (above) lowers your computer down, so it is in-line with the handlebar. For now, the Aero version is available in black ONLY, but it puts the clamping bolt facing up, so it’s much easier to access.

The chart above should help to clarify what’s what, including compatibility with the various Wahoo devices.

KOM Cycling Wahoo mount review & actual weights

Weight for my test samples came in exactly as advertised, at 24 grams each. I weighed the ‘carbon’ one separately just to see if it’d be any lighter, but it appears to be a cosmetic carbon finish.

Similar to the KOM Garmin mounts we’ve tested, the Wahoo versions use a simple 3mm bolt. The inside surface of the clamp area is rubberized to prevent slipping or damaging your handlebar.

If you’re running bars smaller than 31.8mm diameter, rubber shims are included.

While my time has been limited with the new mounts, they seem to be performing as-expected: Solid, slip-free, and they put my computer exactly where I want it.

The KOM Cycling Wahoo Colored Mounts are available now for $16.99.



  1. dr_lha on

    I bought one of these mounts direct from their website because Wahoo was sold out of stem mounts, and Amazon wouldn’t ship me one for 2 weeks. Was pleasantly surprised by how decent it was, feels very solid and well designed. Much better than some of the random-brand-name-generator crap you get on Amazon.

  2. Bob_B on

    I am happy to see affordable Wahoo mounts in the $20 range. I see that KOMCycling haa a Wahoo mount with GoPro flange but it is out of stock. I hope that this product will return. I am of the opinion that it is very important to run both front and rear blinking lights for safety. I love the look and putting the front light under the bike computer. It puts the light centered on the bike and also avoids interference with the cables and bar wrap. I hope that KOMCycling will bring back the Wahoo+Gopro Mount


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