Having a hard time finding a great kid’s bike to get your whole family outdoors right now? The bicycle industry is experiencing quite the boom these days, and inventory is starting to become an issue.

For those who want to get their children a bike for the summer before they’re all sold out, there are still a lot of options for home delivery. We’ve rounded up the best kid’s bike brands that will deliver straight to your front door or can be picked up curbside at your local dealer. Most are available right now, or have inventory coming within the next couple weeks.


Commencal Meta HT and Ramone
photo c. Commencal

Home delivery is nothing new to Commencal. The international giant has continued its efforts of home delivery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Many of their 20 inch bikes are on pre-order only. While their 12-14 inch and higher-end 24-27.5inch bikes remain in stock and ready to ship.

Dick’s Sporting Goods // Schwinn // GT

Dick's Sporting Goods youth Bikes Schwinn & GT
photo c. Dick’s Sporting Goods

For riders of all ages, Dick’s Sporting Goods still has a wide selection of Schwinn and GT bikes available. Options include 12″ balance bikes, 20″ BMX and hybrid models, and 24-29″ mountain bikes. Plus, all available models can ship to your doorstep. Some could even be available immediately at a location near you for curbside pickup, just look at the options during checkout.


Norco Charger and Storm
photo c. Norco

From the Great White North, Norco is keeping build quality in check by offering curbside pickup at their authorized bike shop dealers. At the time of reporting, their site is sold out of many entry-level youth bikes, but they have a large selection of full suspension, road and performance grade kid’s bikes. Also, your local Norco dealer may have the exact bike you’re looking for in stock, so don’t let the company’s web inventory be the end-all to your search…call your local shop! (Side note: JensonUSA has the Norco Rampage kids MTB in stock right now!)

Performance Bikes // Kink // SE Racing // Strider

Performance BIkes Youth options

For the aspiring BMX riders out there, Performance Bikes has name brand options readily available in 16 and 18″ options. Preorders are available for 12, 14, and 16″ BMX bikes. And there’s even a handful of balance bikes available and on preorder.

REEB Cycles


REEB Trail Boss Jr
photo c. REEB Bikes

REEB Cycles has opened the barn doors on its latest shredmobile, the Trail Boss Jr. It’s inspired by freeride/trials legend Jeff Lenosky’s REEB ReDikyelous hardtail mountain bike. The Trail Boss Jr. has a lightweight frame spec’d with top level components from premium brands. Check out the full spec in this post.

Frame-only retails for $1,800 and the full build goes for $3,899. The entire assembly process, from tubes to box, happens in Lyon, CO. Available to ship directly to your doorstep worldwide.

REI // Cannondale // Co-op Cycles

REI youth bikes Cannondale and Co-op Cycles
photo c. REI

REI is doing its part to get bikes to your front door by offering shipping on all bikes. Naturally, some assembly is required, and they still offer curbside pickup should you not feel comfortable assembling it yourself. Curbside pickup may be a more reliable option seeing that there aren’t any notes of which models are readily available. Some orders may be delayed up to 3 weeks. But, they have a MASSIVE selection of bikes for the whole family, check out our complete REI roundup to see them all.

Trailcraft Cycles

Trailcraft Cycles Blue Sky and Pineridge
photo c. Trailcraft

Trailcraft Cycles, a Colorado-based custom kid’s bike manufacturer, continues to send high-end youth bikes nationwide. However, due to recent demand, they are currently expecting orders to be fulfilled in 2+ weeks. It may be worth the wait for those of you looking to treat your kids to a quality bike that’s ready for a range of trails. They cover everything from 20″ to 27.5+, with hardtail and full suspension bikes for all types of terrain and riders.


Trek precaliber 12 and precaliber 16
photo c. Trek Bicycles

Ok, so this one is for the young at heart and their kids. For a limited time, Trek is offering free home delivery on all online bike orders. They’re making it as simple as possible by having their dealers build and deliver each order. The only catch is finding your model and size in stock. At the time of reporting, many models are classified as coming soon online but may have stock available at a local Trek dealer. So if there’s a bike you’d specifically like, there’s a good chance a location in your region has one. If not, their warehouses will be receiving more inventory soon (no timeline given).

woom Bikes

woom bikes 1 plus, 2, 3
photo c. woom bikes

For a brand whose business model orbits consumer direct sales, and more specifically children’s bikes, woom Bikes stand to be a good option for those seeking a quality kid’s bike with reputable customer service to back it. Their lineup meet’s the needs of kids ages 1.5 – 14y/o who are interested in cruising the culs-de-sac and paved areas, along with those hitting the dirt. However, at this time their stock is limited due to demand. Currently, their 1 PLUS, 2 and 3 models are available for pre-order and can be expected by mid to late June. Unfortunately, all other models are out of stock with no restock date available (they will be back eventually).

Priority Bicycles

priority cycles start kids bikes are available in multiple wheel sizes
photo c. Priority Bicycles


Priority Bicycles’ Start model comes in 16″, 20″ and 24″ wheel sizes, offering a clean, maintenance-free Gates belt drive and Shimano drivetrain. It’s a bike made for ripping around town, on the dirt path, and cutting across the field thanks to multi-terrain tires and a lightweight aluminum frame. Lots of colors help it match any kids’ taste, too! Some colors and sizes backordered until July or August, but not all, so check quick!

Felt Bicycles

felt bikes are a great road or city bike that you can buy right now
photo c. Felt Bicycles

This one’s for the slightly taller kids… Felt Bicycles makes a lot of their bikes in really, really small sizes. Their XS bikes come in road, city and mountain bike varieties, and here’s the best part: A lot of them are in stock now, and can ship directly to a dealer for assembly within 7 days! Worth a look if you just can’t wait! This Verza Speed commuter bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes and a speedy setup, and comes in a size 47 (with a standover height under 25″…627mm to be exact).

Try your Local Bike Shop

Still can’t find anything? Call your local bike shop! Many of them have great used bikes, and they’ll have intel on when new bikes are arriving. They might even know customers with bikes whose kids have outgrown them but aren’t listing things on Craigslist…which is yet another reason to build a good relationship with and support your local bike shop, too!

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    • If you know of other kids’ bikes that are actually in stock right now, feel free to add them in the comments. So many bikes are out of stock right now, we were trying to focus on things you could actually buy and receive relatively quickly.

  1. Second the Cleary comment. I recently purchased a Cleary hedgehog to follow a gecko I got last year.. Cleary need a shout out here for sure.

    My 4 yo loves his gecko. We are up to 4 mile rides together.

  2. The REEB is hilarious. $1800 for a steel hardtail with 24″ wheels, and that’s just the price for the frameset. Well I guess some kid will have rich parents, and I’m usually a person who rolls my eyes when someone complains about cost!

    Sadly my kid will just have to make do with his $350 Jamis 24″ MTB. He’d have to show me some real skills for me to want to go above $500, let alone $3900 for a bike, LOL.

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