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This week, it’s full of big summer sales from a ton of mountain bike and road/gravel apparel and outdoor brands, workout equipment, and the usual assortment of bikes, components and gear, too!

trek road bikes and gravel bikes are on sale

Trek has up to 50% off Closeout Savings

Up to 50% off sale and clearance bikes, gear apparel and accessories. Always free shipping to your local Trek dealer.


competitive cyclist memorial day sale best deals for mountain bikers road riders and gravel cyclists

Competitive Cyclist Continued Deals

More deals over at Competitive Cyclist including 30% off bikes from Santa Cruz and more, up to 40% off top Road Bikes, and up to 35% off helmets. And they still have last year’s mountain bikes and frames on blowout, with a wide range of models from Santa Cruz, Yeti, Evil and more.

pactimo cycling kits for summer weather are on sale now

Massive Summer Discounts from Pactimo

Pactimo Summer Cycling Sale: 35-40% clothing including their Ascent Jerseys and Bibs; Storm+ Jerseys, bibs and outerwear; and Divide Jacket. Plus, check out their 70% Off outlet selection.

dji osmo action camera on sale

DJI Osmo Action w/ extra batteries just $259!!!

The Osmo Action is still  $110 off its original MSRP, and you can get the camera plus charging kit with TWO extra batteries and external charging dock for just $259!

and the handheld Pocket 4K camera with built-in Gimbal is $70 off its original price. We got the full story with links to the best deals and what this might mean for the brand (new cameras, maybe?) in this story.

Deals on Sunglasses and Prescription Eyewear at Oakley

Seems Oakley has a nearly perpetual 20% off deal on their sports sunglasses, check out the models available at Oakley.com.

save 1000 to 1500 dollars on a new alchemy road gravel or mountain bike with their roll into summer sale for memorial day 2020

Alchemy’s HUGE Mountain, Road & Gravel Bike Sale

Alchemy has extended their Roll into Summer Sale with huge discounts on new made-in-USA carbon bikes for every discipline:

Road bike deals are valid On Ultegra Di2 & Di2-ENVE Composites builds only. They sweeten the deal with free shipping and a 2-week no questions returns policy.

More random deals we found:

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    • Can you cite an example? Not that I’m a Burke follower, but having done a quick search of the past week, I don’t see anything from him indicating that he’s on board with it. Or are you expecting him to come out with a direct “F_ck the police?”

      • I’m having trouble finding the email I recently saw shared, but he was adamant that “98% of police officers” were good, and we can’t abandon the system based on 2% being bad.

        Suggesting that police brutality is only from 2% of police is missing the silence from the other 98%, which cannot be ignored as part of this violent system.

        • You’ve made your decision, and that’s fine. Would it have helped if he changed his proportions? Because I can’t get on board with the notion that all police are, by nature, racist. So far as the blue line goes, yeah, it exists, and it shouldn’t. But remember that, thanks to the NRA, this nation is awash with guns. And when they go into ANY situation, there exists a significant possibility that it will escalate into violence, including gun fire. There are cops literally sharing figurative fox holes, and they tend to be drawn closely together – your cohort may just save your life. Our situation is 100% the fault of the NRA, turning this nation into a god-damn shooting gallery.

          • We clearly see police doing very different things. I see them killing Americans with impunity, backing each other up when faced with consequences, and grasping for more power, primarily against at-risk communities. If Burke acknowledges the harm that police bring to these communities, and backs that up with action, I’ll change my mind on Trek bikes.

  1. Agreed. Until Trek fully divests from all police departments, I won’t be purchasing anything from them.

    Black Lives Matter.

    • Divest? They don’t invest in Police departments, they sell them bikes. It’s unfortunate for Trek, but they don’t have any control over how the police use them. By this logic, you won’t be buying Fords, Chevy’s, Dodges etc. Police around the world drive all sorts of makes.

      • Ok, “withdraw” from their vested interest in police. You know what Pete S. meant. You can keep deflecting now…

    • Blue Lives aren’t a thing. One can hang up their uniform and no longer look “blue” but a black man is always a black man, always at three times the risk of death at the hands of an under trained, over equipped, all-too-often racist cop.

  2. So now my peaceful morning coffee wake-up routine browsing Bikerumor has now become a political bitch-slap wake-up? If I want to read about all the world’s problems or hear the latest nonsense being belched by Orangey the Clown, I’ll just start browsing all those news outlets that specifically cater to that crap. (Hurls steaming cup of coffee at the wall).

  3. Racism and other forms of discrimination were inventions of the political system, so that they could continue to divide and conquer the masses. The police will use violence on anyone that threatens the system. Black people tend to be disproportionately targeted, but it happens with white people too. There’s about 90 alternative health practitioners that have been murdered by police. They’ll happily send entire SWAT teams to your house if you’d developed a cure for cancer, or have a technology that eliminates dependency on petrochemical energy sources.

    • Dismissing hundreds of years of systematic oppression and exploitation of POC as “an invention of the political system” is grossly understating the problem.

      I’m sorry those people were killed, but it doesn’t compare to being murdered in the street for going for a jog. Or being killed for looking like someone who had passed a bad check. Or really, just because they were black. They had no choice, no chance to choose a different path. Also, the way you say it suggests that these 90 people, and not one of the thousands of black lives snuffed out, held a cure or tech innovation. I’m sure you don’t intend that, but culturally black people are valued less, and phrasing like that adds to the problem.

      • can we stop with the killed while going for a jog. clearly there was more to this story than 2 hillbillies just randomly shooting a guy that was jogging. I am not saying they had any justification for doing what they did but he was NOT just out for a jog. Video evidence proves that. But again not saying it exonerated the 2 men for doing what they did. This is why people dismiss you when you say things like this. Micheal Brown was also just out for a walk and had his hands up right? oh wait, forgot about the video of him beating the store clerk and all the physical evidence that backs up exactly what the cops said. and his blood and skin inside the cop car. Yeah forget about that. let’s just perpetuate the false narrative that fits our victim ideology.

        • So you beat up a store clerk and you deserve to get killed by a cop? I dont understand why people always have to flip the story to deflect against the main point.
          Antwon Rose was a 17 yr old running away from a rookie cop who shot him in the back and killed him. Rose was somehow involved with a drive by shooting (no one was killed) before this, but the officer didnt know this at the time. Thats the point. At the time of these police slayings they do not know what happened before hand.

    • Rampant according to what data is released by who? Police or police revue board. And rampant could have a different meaning depending on numerous factors… where you live or your skin color…ymmv

  4. I’m not sure what number of police killings you find acceptable, but there are many countries with none or close to it. In the US we aren’t even seeing police broadly advocating for change – the clearest message is that they want to maintain the status quo. John Burke believes the numbers aren’t so bad, but I find it unconscionable. We are all at the whim of these police departments, and BIPOC lives in the most danger.

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