Want to add a bit of color to your disc brake bike? Hope’s new machined alloy Centre-Lock Lockrings give you that tiny hint of custom color bling to spice up your ride. They are a perfect match to all the other Hope ano bits & bobbles you’ve been lusting over or a complement to Hope’s recent Road CL rotors. And they might even save you some weight, without breaking the bank.

Hope Centre-Lock Lockrings affordable, colorful disc brake bling

Hope Centre-Lock centerlock Lockrings add touch of colour, colorful bling to your disc brake rotors

This might be the most affordable Hope upgrade you can make to your bike! At just £8 / $10 / 8€ a piece, the new centerlock lockrings get all the same UK-made, CNC-machined precision we expect from Hope, at a cost we can all afford.

Hope Centre-Lock centerlock Lockrings add touch of colour, colorful bling to your disc brake rotors

Whether you bike is all murdered out matte black or brimming with color, the 9.5g lockrings get a bit more into the details, picking from six standard Hope colors – silver, black, red, blue, purple, or orange – to add some accent to your bike. Hope says they work great with their new Road CL rotors if you want to match or contrast some colors, or you can use them with any other road or mountain bike centerlock rotors, too. Order them now from your local Hope dealer.



  1. EcoRacer on

    Very strange choice to use the old style lock rings and not the newer ones with 16x44mm external splines. Those old ones are incompatible with a lot of TA hubs with thick end caps. That’s why a lot of manufacturers have moved away from this old style of lock ring.

  2. CW on

    The external spline lock rings are not compatible with many flat mount disc frames and forks, especially forks. I see them on bikes where they have rubbed a groove into the fork all the time. Seems like these are aimed at the drop bar crowd considering the blurb about pairing with the road rotors.

    It would be good to have both options in the future though!


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