Spending a lot of time off-road on your dropbar bike? Are you looking for relief for aching hands? Maybe just a better grip on the bars? Don’t want to resort to gloves? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you probably should check out the new Supple Bar Tape from Wolf Tooth Components.

Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape package

Similar to the BIG40 tape that’s currently sold by RedMonkey Sports, Supple bar tape is also 40mm wide. The difference is in the thickness with Supple tape measuring twice as thick as the BIG40 at 5mm in the center of the tape.

Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape profile

That thickness is only measured in the middle of the tape as the sides taper off. This allows you to overlap the tape while maintaining a consistent thickness as you wrap. Since it’s made from 100% silicone foam, the tape is naturally grippy with or without gloves. It’s also washable, which is a good feature for a bike that will spend a lot of time in the dirt.

Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape wrap


Wolf Tooth have tested the bar tape from Minnesota to Texas in order to cover the spectrum in terms of riding conditions. That led to product changes in terms of durability to create a tape that is wear resistant and retains its soft, grippy feel.

Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape roll

Supple tape is sold in a package of two rolls, each measuring 151.5cm long. On our scale, a single roll without a bar plug weighed in at 104g uncut. If you used every bit of tape, you’re looking at 208g total before adding bar plugs. It’s definitely a bit heavier than the average tape, but if you’re then forced to add extra layers or under-tape padding to make standard tape more comfortable, then the extra weight of the Supple Tape is a moot point.

Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape wrap

Available now in black, Wolf Tooth Components states that more colors are in the works. Priced at $39.95, the pack includes two WTC finishing plugs and self-fusing silicone finishing tape.



  1. I thought my ESI silicone tape at around 80g per roll is already a bit too soft and heavy. It’s certainly a far cry from normal thin skin bar tape at around 29g per roll. This thing is even more so…

    Is silicone just naturally heavy? Is it the right material for bar tape?

    • This stuff is really thick, and really wide – about 10mm wider than most tapes. ESI doesn’t provide any dimensions for their RCT Wrap, either width or length of each roll so it’s hard to compare. I sort of liked the feel of the RCT wrap the last time I had it on my bike, but it ripped really easily and then once a tear had started, it wasn’t long until the tape split in two.

      Comparatively, I’ve been riding the BIG40 tape and one of WTC’s versions for some time now (including a few big crashes), and both have been impressively durable. The BIG40 version is my favorite tape at this point and seems more supportive than the ESI RCT did, but I haven’t installed the Supple Tape on a bike yet. The crew at WTC seem to like really thick grips, so the Supple Tape is their answer to that. I’ll have to get back to you on how I like the 5mm Supple tape vs. the 2.5mm thick BIG40 tape.

      But the material seems to be far better at deadening vibrations and makes for a super comfortable grip that is tacky without gloves, so for me the weight is worth it. Maybe it’s not for the weight conscious, but for one of the most critical points of contact on your bike, I’m willing to sacrifice a number of grams for comfort and control.

    • Good catch. Turns out that was all kinds of wrong. The 135mm number must be from another product on the WTC site. It’s actually 151.5cm long per roll.

    • yeah they did, cause that is some heavy a$$ bar tape. if you include the plugs you are looking at 1 pound of bar tape on your bike.

      go home and add 50 measly little grams to 10 things on your bike. dont worry, it is only 50g. you wont notice that 50 grams. i would start with your tires. Point is, it all adds up. Both if you are watching the grams and if you are not. a 600 lbs person didn’t just one day just gain 400 lbs. it was a pound here and a pound there.

      • If you use the entire roll on both sides and include the plugs, you’re still well under half a pound. Have another facepalm for your trouble.

      • Yeah, as Gee pointed out, both rolls of Supple tape plus two bar plugs are under a 1/2 lb. 217 g to be exact. And because I was curious, I weighed a pack of Blackburn Cinch bar tape that I had laying around, which seems to be discontinued, but was sort of a rubberized grippy bar tape that measures 3.1mm thick. The Blackburn tape weighed in at 124g for two rolls plus plugs. In this comparison Supple tape is only 93g heavier for an additional 1.9mm of thickness.

        If you’re someone who has to typically double wrap your bars to get the desired thickness, this tape might actually be lighter in the end.

        • You guys call it “bar tape” but Jeff has a point because, let’s be real, if it’s as good as they claim I’m wrapping *everything* with it. Top tube wrap? Check. Crank arm wrap? Check. Tire wrap? Check? Saddle wrap? Check. Bottle wrap? Check. Wrap wrap? Check. That will surely add more than a couple lbs to my bike, so I definitely have an issue with the weight of this tape.

            • @Zach – I’m sure it’s perfect for a great many things. I was just goofing on the dude (wrongly) complaining about the weight.

              That said, I wonder how it would fare as elbow and knee wrap? I mean, it’s about as thick as my i7s…

  2. I’ve got a bit of a wonky hand, and love Wolftooth’s biggest grips, so I’ll be trying this stuff soon.

    They key to the weight issue is simple. Weigh your bike once, when it’s brand new, then install the stuff that makes it enjoyable to ride, but never weigh it again…..

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