Nestled at the back of an industrial office park in Little Rock, Arkansas, BBinfinite has moved all of their production in house. Here, they machine, laser etch and assemble their ultra-smooth one-piece bottom brackets before packing and shipping them to customers and bike shops.

We swung by to check out the operation and see how it’s done. Here’s a quick video walk through…with photos and a quick description below.

How are BBinfinite bottom brackets made?

BBinfinite shows what is the best bottom bracket to eliminate creaking in a bike frame

BBinfinite launched in 2014 with their novel one-piece bottom bracket design. Where others use two halves that thread together to create a better solution than just pressing bearings and cups into each side of the frame, BBinfinite’s solution goes a step further.

By using  true one-piece shell, they’re able to guarantee that the bearings remain perfectly aligned regardless of frame imperfections. We reviewed their PressFit replacement and love it, and it’s been rolling strong ever since.

Over the years, they’ve added models for GXP cranks, BB30 frames, and the new SRAM DUB standard.

measuring the tolerances for precise bearing fit inside of a BBinfinite one piece bottom bracket

One of the more interesting facets of their small-batch process is the intermediate measurements. Final testing with this apparatus confirms everything is within tolerances, then they get anodized (out of house, they don’t do this themselves) before coming back for…

laser etching the logo and specs onto a one piece bottom bracket shell

…laser etching of the model, specs, logo and a QR code that leads you to their online instruction manual.

how bbinfinite makes one piece bottom brackets

Then the bearings are pressed in, either steel or Ceramitech (and even they will admit that the ceramic upgrade is a very marginal gain because of how smoothly these roll with the stock bearings). They’re packed and shipped and off to the rider.

Thanks a ton to Gary and Wes for hanging out on a Saturday to show us their workshop!


  1. This is phenomenal, I’ve got a bbinfinite installed on a bike that spins like crazy! They make absolutely phenomenal stuff. Really well made precision.

  2. There’s no better solution for any press-fit frame. No creaking and spinning like crazy. Installation looks daunting at first but is actually pretty easy and quick. Removal is a bit tougher but why would you ever want to remove any of these?

  3. I’ve wanted one of these forever! – Unfortuantely they don’t make one that’ll work on my SuperX though! 🙁

    • Me too – I inquired about a SRAM DUB (Road) compatible BB for my SuperX but it sounds like BBInfinite isn’t sure if there is enough demand. I’d use the MTB DUB PF30A-83 BB but it has MTB Bearing spacing which is a bit too wide. I was hoping I could squeeze it in but it was getting pretty complicated to figure out so I’m trying to put it to the back of my mind and hoping they eventually make one!

      In the meantime, may try to order one for my MTB!

      • That makes three of us! I also run a regular (non-Ai) Sram RED DUB AXS 1x setup on my SuperX. Sometimes I swap to a Sram DUB Ai crank when I want a 2x setup. I’ve been trying to do the math to see if any of their current offerings would fit. Like you I looked at the MTB BB but I think the cone on the NDS would take up too much space in the axle. The BB386 EVO BB *might* work… its technically too wide by 3mm, but since I run 3mm spacers on my drive side anyways (with the results Red Dub crank) it *might* work…. I’ve been trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on it as a potentially expensive experiment!

        • hahaha I guess we’ll see if 3 is a big enough sample size to justify them making a whole new product – j/k. BBInfinite – if you’re listening – a PF30A-83 DUB (Road) BB would be the bee’s knees!

    • Ummm…BBInfinite has been producing these BBs since 2014….I highly doubt Hambini can say the same. Who copied who?

    • Other way around, Gavin. Hambini even has a video where he weasels out of the obvious cribbing of BBInfinite’s patented design. Who can have any respect for a thief?

    • Hambini inserts from the drive side, these insert from the NDS. As for “inventing” the one piece BB insert, I’d says it’s a stretch that either of them are responsible for it. They make detail improvements.

      • Can any of you with experience with either Infinite or Hambini designs tell me what keeps the whole cartridge unit from working its way back out under cyclical pedaling loads? I like the idea of a 1 piece cartridge but it seems there’s nothing to hold it in place.

    • Hambini himself has gone into the details of how his bottom brackets differ from BBinfinite’s. The BBinfinite units have an added lip Hambini doesn’t use – he’s given his two cents’ worth on this particular design decision in one of his videos.

  4. I purchased a BB Infinite shell last year to make my Campy UT crankset fit my Ridley frame (which has a BB86 bottom bracket). Although it was creak-free, the bottom bracket (installed at a LBS) gradually started to slide/wiggle out to the non-drive side after a few weeks of use – twice. I eventually reverted back to my old bottom bracket (which has two cups) and still have it to this day.

    I really wanted to make the BB Infinite shell work on my bike but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. YMMV.

    • Well, there are two options: One is to use red loctite if it starts slipping like that. The second option is to buy another bottom bracket like Wheels manufacturing that threads together from both sides. I actually think that’s probably the best solution anyway.

  5. Hambini does not offer the 4030 bearing type arrangements in case you are wanting to run 30mm spindles in BB86/92 shells. BBI and maybe C-Bear are the only ones I am aware of right now offering that solution.

    • Few companies offer it because the load rating of any bearing that will fit is pathetic. This is especially the case with Hambini, who only specifies high quality industrial bearings. Even the dual row Race Face units have poor lifespans. The claims made by BBinfinite, and any others that claim “always perfect alignment”, are total BS. Poor frame tolerances can distort all but the thickest walled bottom brackets, Hambini included. If you’ve watched his channel at all, you’ve seen him troubleshoot frames that fall outside of typical compatibility. Either you need bearings with loose clearance, or you need to fix the shell.

      • Hope 41/30 BB are made without the casing, which helps making the bearings a bit bigger and they work really good.

        As for double row RF BBs, I am currently using one and no problems at all, after more than total of 20km of offroad climbs under full load.

    • BBinfinite themselves do not recommend 30 mm spindles for a BB86/92 shell because of the tiny bearings needed to make it work. They have a blog article about this. They specifically mention to use only Shimano or Campagnolo cranks for such a frame.

  6. I add myself to the list of “cyclists that solved their creaking issues with a BBInfinite install”. In my case it was a tricky TT bike with a crank-based powermeter that made it hard to use those with screw-in cups.

  7. Friction. It takes a lot of effort with a headset press to get the bottom bracket on. If your frame has a poorly made bottom bracket hole, then you could always use red loctite.

  8. tight interference fit and a bonding agent prevent it from walking out. Removing it in the future will require a pneumatic hammer i think.

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