Rotor’s new Power Pack program consolidates all of their broad power meter solutions into a simple, mix & match line-up to make it easier to find the right setup for any bike – now actually cheaper than ever! Starting from just 660€, the Rotor INpower, INspider and 2INpower cranks and spindles let you choose between 1x or 2x, round or Q-Rings oval chainrings, on or off-road gearing, and alloy or carbon crank arms.

Rotor Power Packs: complete power meter solution for any bike

Rotor Power Packs power meters, complete affordable powermeter solution for any road or mountain bike all photos c. Rotor

The idea behind Power Packs is essentially just repacking and recategorizing all of the existing crankset-based power meters that Rotor already offered. But while that could undoubtedly be passed off as a marketing exercise, it actually makes it more clear how affordable a Rotor power meter setup can be, while breaking down the customizable options available. And by simplifying the bundled process, Rotor has actually cut prices overall, now with complete setups cheaper than previous options without chainrings!

Power Pack options

Rotor Power Packs power meters, complete affordable powermeter solution for any road or mountain bike

Rotor offers three different power meter solutions: INpower that integrates single-sided power metering into their machined in-house Spanish crank arms; INspider that integrates single-sided combined total power metering into the machined in-house alloy spider that can be paired with Rotor’s lightest carbon & alloy crankarms; and 2INpower that delivers true dual-sided power metering, taking measurement inside the driveside crankarm & inside the axle. Pick whichever option best suits your use & budget (and crank arm lengths from 150-175mm).

Rotor Power Packs power meters, complete affordable powermeter solution for any road or mountain bike

Then essentially whether you are looking for on-road or off-road 1x or 2x setups you can pick and choose the right chainrings. Besides being one of the first companies producing accurate power meters, Rotor is also well known for their race-winning oval Q-Rings chainrings. With probably the most adjustability to fine-tune you pedal stroke combining power meter data and the precise clocking of their Optimum Chainring Position mounting for those oval rings, Rotor seems to be a solid bet to get the most out of your pedal stroke. But if you still want to stick with round rings, all of the Power Packs offer that too.

Rotor off-road Power Pack – Options, Pricing & Availability

Once you decide your bike that need a power meter and your budget, it’s just a matter of picking and choosing your ideal options – from what Rotor says are the most frequent combinations.

Mountain bike power meters with 30mm spindles & Boost spacing are going to be the most affordable option thanks to single ring simplicity. For just 659€ you get single-sided INpower measurement and the choice of 170 or 175mm arms, 34 or 36T, and round or Q-Rings oval chainrings.

GO with Kapic alloy arms and single-sided total INspider measurement for 889€, with the choice of 170 or 175mm arms, 34 or 36T round or Q-Rings oval chainrings.

Upgrade that to carbon with Kapic Carbon crank arms and the single-sided total INspider measurement for 1049€, again with 170/175mm, 34/36T & round/Q-Rings options.

For just fifty bucks more you go back to machined alloy cranks arms, but the true dual-sided power metering of 2INpower for 1099€, with the same core 170/175mm, 34/36T & round/Q-Rings MTB options.

Rotor on-road Power Pack – Options, Pricing & Availability

On the 30mm spindle road side of things pricing starts a bit higher with two chainrings, from 749€ with the single-sided INpower alloy cranks in 170 or 172.5mm long arms. Gearing options are limited to road compact 50/34T or mid-compact 52/36T, but you still get the option to pick round or oval Q-Rings for your direct mount chainrings.

The Vegast alloy arms paired with the single-sided total INspider measurement is probably the most aerodynamic road setup. At 899€ you pick 170 or 172.5mm arms and 50/34T or 52/36T gearing, but here you get the Aero Round or similarly closed oval Q-Rings designed to for more neatly to the 4-bolt 110BCD INspider. (For 50€ extra, the optional add-on INspider Aero Crown further closes off the transition from ring to spider for max aerodynamics.)

Last and most expensive in the Power Pack family, the 1199€ 2INpower Road gets dual-sided power measurement, 170/172.5mm arms, 50/34T or 52/36T gearing, and round or Q-Rings spiderless chainrings.

All of the new Rotor Power Pack bundles are immediately available, both online and via your local dealer.

What about gravel, cyclocross, track or time trial power meters?

All of the other modular Rotor power meter solutions still carry over, so the completely customizable options to get 1 or 2-sided or combined total, made-in-Europe direct power measurement are still there. You just won’t get the lower pricing of these pre-configured bundles if you are looking for other chainring sizes or less common arm lengths. But keep in mind, if you are about to buy one of the standard crank lengths, it still might be cheaper to buy a Power Pack and then an extra set of rings separately. or


  1. Weiwen on

    The INSpider measures total power. It’s not accurate to call it single sided, because it doesn’t measure a single leg’s power like a crank- or pedal-based meter. The INSpider doesn’t directly measure each leg’s contribution to total power, that’s true.

    • Pyf on

      Yes, I have two InSpiders, one on a 24mm Rotor Aldhu axle, one on a 30mm Rotor Aldhu axle, the InSpiders are 100% the same, I could have used one or the other on any of the two axles. What is specific to 24mm/30mm is axle and crank arms, but the spider is always the same so you an InSpider spider can go on 24mm/30mm & road/MTB/Gravel.

      Hope this helps.


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