ENVE’s new Adventure Fork aims to be the most sought-after fork for custom-built gravel and adventure bikes. Working together with some of the best custom frame builders in the business, Enve honed in on the ideal all-terrain adventure setup, closing that gap between gravel & mountain bike forks with all the hauling capacity of the most adventurous off-road tourers.

ENVE carbon Adventure Fork, built for epic gravel & bikepacking rides

ENVE Adventure Fork, lightweight full carbon gravel bike adventure bikepacking fork

When Enve set out to build a gravel bikepacking fork, they took the input of their custom frame builder partners to dial it the ideal Epic-ready feature set. That meant big tire clearance, big carrying capacity, dynamo integration, and of course signature Enve light carbon. But the builders weren’t all set on a single geometry solution for every type of gravel & bikepacking adventure.

ENVE Adventure Fork, lightweight full carbon gravel bike adventure bikepacking fork

No worries, Enve adapted the adjustable geometry flip chips from their mountain bike forks to make everyone happy.

Adventure & Bikepacking – Tech details

ENVE Adventure Fork, lightweight full carbon gravel bike adventure bikepacking fork

The result, a one-piece 575g (with uncut 350mm steerer) full-carbon fork with a 1.5″ tapered steerer, flat mount disc brake & 12mm thru-axle that can suit any gravel adventurer’s needs. The two rake options from the flip-chip setup are 49mm & 55.5mm (resulting in 398mm & 406mm axle-to-crown lengths, respectively) for either a quicker or more relaxed geometry setup that individual frame builders can work with depending on head angle and desired wheel size.

ENVE Adventure Fork, lightweight full carbon gravel bike adventure bikepacking fork

Tire clearance varies a bit with the two effective fork lengths, but both are still generous. In shorter/steeper 49mm offset mode you can fit up to a 700c/29 x 53mm/2.1″ or 650b/27.5 x 61mm/2.4″ tire. In the longer/slacker 55.5mm position, there is room for a 700c/29 x 58mm/2.3″ or 650b/27.5 x 66mm/2.6″ tire.

ENVE Adventure Fork, lightweight full carbon gravel bike adventure bikepacking fork

Enve Adventure Fork mounting capacity is solved by a three-pack of anything cage accessory mounts on each fork leg, and full-coverage fender mounts. Together those also meant you can fit a lightweight porteur-style rack as well. Routing is internal for the front brake through the top of the left fork leg. There’s also semi-internal dynamo routing in the right leg, entering through either the front or back of the fork crown and exiting the inside of the lower right leg. Both allow for mounting bags or racks without any chance of snagging lines up front.

ENVE Adventure Fork, lightweight full carbon gravel bike adventure bikepacking fork

Like all ENVE products, the Adventure Fork was inspired from time in the saddle and in this case, our custom frame builder partners. Our frame building partners needed an ENVE solution that was both beautiful and functional. Our endurance, adventure, and bike packing athletes and customers needed a fork with more cargo hauling options, greater tire clearance, and dynamo compatibility for when riding in the dark is not optional. The dynamo and brake hose routing is hidden to help prevent snags that could jeopardize the ride,” said ENVE VP , Jake Pantone.

ENVE Adventure Fork – Pricing & availability

ENVE Adventure Fork, lightweight full carbon gravel bike adventure bikepacking fork

The new full-carbon ENVE Adventure Fork is now available, and sells for $625. Order it now direct from Enve or your local dealer, with the first deliveries slated to ship out in mid October 2020.

ENVE Adventure Fork, lightweight full carbon gravel bike adventure bikepacking fork



    • Not all Chinese made products are crap. And China does have some of the top carbon manufacturing facilities in Asia. No way you could make this here.

      Enve has done a fantastic job on this fork and put some serious thought into it. It’s quite impressive.

  1. And it still features the same badly designed and executed Flat-Mount interface which – as on all current Enve forks with Flat-Mounts – probably desperately needs to be re-faced in order to make the caliper sit parallel to the rotor . But it isn’t designed to be re-faced as the facer cuts into the carbon of the fork and the adapter doesn’t touch the machined surfaces otherwise but the carbon surface of the fork in-between those mounts.

    Does Enve even employ engineers?

  2. Or you can buy this off of eBay for 99.99 with free shipping. Ebay also sells Enve stickers so save yourself 500$.

    They have lots of engineers. They have degrees in market engineering. I have to hand it to them, they are good at engineering a market for their rebranded Chinese carbon.

  3. @Jeff: I’d be interested in buying a generic Chinese carbon fork that matches the specs of this one in terms of dynamo/brake routing + mounts + tire clearance – any chance you could link one? I couldn’t find anything on eBay myself…

  4. If you could get the same fork for hundreds of dollars less why do so many custom builders use Enve forks? I would think they understand how much a fork impacts how a bike rides and go with the brand that is going to best reflect the frame their delivering.

    • You give custom builders *far* too much credit for tuning frames to specific forks. Small shops don’t have the time or resources to evaluate all the different forks, and many of them don’t have the engineering background, experience, or understanding to design around the differences in geometry, stiffness, or size to adapt each frame to a specific fork (plus, a 110lb rider and a 220lb rider won’t get the same ride from the same fork). Look how many of them use the same size tubing from the smallest to largest frames they make. That alone shows plenty about how much/little engineering goes into them. I’m not trying to dump on small builders. I’ve worked with a ton of them over the three decades I’ve been in the industry. Most build truly nice frames. But *very few* cross the threshold from craftsmen into engineers and can tune a frame to a specific fork. Fortunately a good fork can mask a lot.

      Here’s how it actually works: Customer reads glowing sponsored review of enve fork. Customer requests/demands enve fork. Builder uses enve fork. Builder smiles because it increases their profit margin and reduces their workload.

      • Sorry. That rant went off the rails and made some big jumps from what you said.

        It’s accurate, but yeah… I’ve clearly consumed too much caffeine and have my grumpy pants on.

  5. you think minimum wage workers in China care about Enve or your $600 fork? It is all about quantity over quality, it is the mindset inherited from decades of communist rule

  6. I have been riding the ENVE MTN fork on a MOOTS Baxter for the last few years and I am very impressed by the fork. I have put the fork and the bike to the test in all conditions and I have never been let down. I agree with others… with so many custom frame builders dedicated to ENVE forks and other products how can you argue?
    I for one am stoked to try the New ENVE adventure fork, and I am sure there are thousands of others who share my opinion.

  7. Yes way that could be domestic made at a workable RRP. Whether it would be any better is another question. The QC/QA might be more reliable though and that would be what I’d buy it on, not the weight of RRP +/- 20%.

  8. I reckon it’s also about assurance, liability and insurance. If I was a custom builder there is no Fin way I’d be speccing some unknown carbon forks on my bikes.

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