The 4th generation Cotic Escapade may keep the same geometry, ovalized top tube and wishbone seatstays as before, but a lot of the little details have been fully updated to the latest standards.

As they like to say, gravel riding caught up with this bike, not the other way around. Since the model’s debut in 2014, it’s had big tire clearance, disc brakes, and rack, mudguard and multiple bottle fittings. What’s new is the addition of thru axles front and rear, and cable management has been completely re-routed.

2020 cotic escapade steel gravel bike with carbon fork 2020 cotic escapade steel gravel bike with carbon fork

All cables are now able to be run externally, using new bolt-on guides under the downtube. This eliminates the fixed cable stops, which didn’t make as much sense when many riders were leaving one unused as they switched to 1x drivetrains. And you don’t have to fiddle with getting a hydraulic brake hose in and out of tubes.

But, the capability for 2x is there, with a new cable-stop BB guide. And it’s all full-length housing now. Which means if you strap a bunch of bags and accessories to the frame, they won’t interfere with your shifting.

2020 cotic escapade steel gravel bike with carbon fork

If you want a slightly cleaner look, there’s a port for running the rear derailleur cable through the downtube. Or the front mech cable. Or an internally routed dropper post…that option’s been added, too.

The frame is heat treated chromoly steel, and each one comes with an assortment of cable guides so you can use only what you need.

2020 cotic escapade steel gravel bike with carbon fork

The new colors are Supernova Orange and Dark Gray Gloss. And each has their own build, but both come with the new Cotic Valley flare handlebars. They have a 46cm width at the hoods, with a 15º flare to the drops.

The orange one gets a 1x SRAM Apex build with semi-internal routing and fat 650B WTB ByWay tires on Cotic’s Road Plus wheels.

2020 cotic escapade steel gravel bike with carbon fork

The gray is a 2x build with Shimano 105 and 700c wheels, meant more for road riding. Both come with Cotic’s full carbon fork with tapered steerer and flat mount brakes. Pricing is:

  • Frameset – £699
  • Bronze – £1299
  • Silver – £1569
  • Gold APEX 1x – £1749
  • Gold 105 – £1899
  • Platinum GRX800 1x – £2224

And they’ll do custom builds, just tell them what you want on it. Want one? Better hurry. They’re already almost completely sold out, but are taking preorders for January 2021 delivery.


  1. F mounting cages to a carbon fork anyway. Give me a steel fork if you’re loading the bike up to the extent of needing to put cages on the fork since that’s like an overspill loading point, the last place I’d load up a bike like this.

  2. Take a look at photos from events like Tour Divide, Atlas, and Silk Road Mountain Races and you can count on one hand who isn’t packing forks. There’s actually more “adventure” bikes with carbon forks that have mounting options than not. It’s not overspill, it’s a perfectly viable and smart place to pack gear. With that being said Cotic gets a hard pass.

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