Effetto Mariposa offers their all-new Vegetalex sealant as a more environmentally friendly way to keep your tubeless tires running smoothly & flat-free. Using a mix of natural plant-based fibers & particles in a natural biodegradable carrier, Vegetalex promises better flat protection than many sealants on the market without any micro plastics, polymers, or aggressive chemicals that could harm you, your bike, or the environment.

Effetto Mariposa Vegetalex plant-based tubeless tire sealant

Effetto Mariposa is based in the Italian-speaking city of Lugano, Switzerland less than 3km from the border with Italy, and what could be more Italian than tubeless tire sealant made from olives? They have already had pretty solid tubeless sealing success with their foaming Caffelatex sealant, Tappabuco tire plug tools & Tyreinvader anti-pinch foam tire inserts. But Mariposa wanted to find a more eco-friendly tubeless solution since sealant already needs to be replaced/replenished regularly, and gets dumped out into the environment whenever you get a flat while riding…

So, they went all-natural… with Végétalex.

Two years in development, Vegetalex sealant eliminates the slow to breakdown & synthetic ingredients of most sealants, replacing them with only plant-based components – finely ground olive stones and cellulose fibers to clog punctures and simple sugar-based xanthan gum to carry it around and around in your tire.

The resulting mix plugs holes & cuts up to 5mm in diameter without relying on chemical hardening. That is said to mean both more permanently plugged punctures and longer lifespan in the tire (min. 3 months in hot, dry conditions with porous tires, or more than 6 months in most normal applications). It can even work inside inner tubes as well, apparently. Mariposa does recommend using about 20% more Vegetalex than conventional tubeless sealants, though.

Vegetalex natural tubeless tire sealant – Pricing & availability

Effetto Mariposa Vegetalex plant-based eco-friendly tubeless tire sealant

photos c. Effetto Mariposa

Biodegradable, ammonia-free & totally plastic-free, Vegetalex comes in 1000ml bottles for $30 / 25€ and is not damaged by the use of CO2 inflation. Mariposa suggests running 84ml in a 29 x 2.1″ mountain bike tire for reference, and even adding an extra 30ml if you are riding in especially rocky or thorny terrain. The made-in-Italy Vegetalex sealant is available now direct from Effetto Mariposa or through their regular retailer network. It claims to be low maintenance, easy to clean up if spilled, and safe for people with natural rubber allergies, however it may contain traces of nuts.



    • Michael C on

      They could be a byproduct, left over from olive oil production, or even just the canning of pitted olives. At which point the environmental impact is basically nothing, the stones already existed and we’re going to be discarded otherwise. Found money essentially

      A similar idea could be accomplished with nut shells, another byproduct being found to have interesting applications. I have kitty litter made from the stuff for example and can vouch for it’s ability and sustainability in it’s sourcing

      • Effetto Mariposa on

        That’s exactly the case: ground olive stones are a byproduct of olive oil production and they’re available as a commodity for several purposes. As a bonus, this gives Végétalex a slight olive smell.

    • Effetto Mariposa on

      Exactly, olive stones are a byproduct of olive oil production that’s then ground and becomes a commodity for several applications. We also tested alternative formulas with nut shells, but olive stones show a very effective puncture clogging behaviour… offering a nice scent of olives as a bonus!

  1. Collin S on

    How will the oil effect the rubber. When rubber is in oil, it swells, looses rigidity and tensile strength. Has any sort of oil immersion or oil swell testing been done on rubber from tires to see the effect?

    • Effetto Mariposa on

      We don’t use the full olive, just the (finely ground) olive stone… which is more like hard wood, in reality. There is no “oily” content in Végétalex sealant and it doesn’t have any chemical effect/interaction with the tyre

  2. Onrhodes on

    Before plopping down cash on this I would really like to see review. It sounds interesting and I like the idea. However does it work as well as my Orange Seal Endurance?

  3. mudrock on

    They aren’t using olive oil per se, but ground up olive pits and fibers. Xanthan gum is the medium. What excites me is it will work with CO2. Stans won’t.

  4. Phil Jones on

    When I get a puncture and I’m going to be stranded on the side of the road the last thing I’m worrying about is the environmental impact of half an ounce of sealant spraying on the road. If independent tests show that it’s as effective as Orange Seal or Stans then I’d give it a shot… but on the other hand, if it’s even 5% less effective that’s gonna be a no from me.

  5. C a j harris on

    Thing is Phil, your not the only one using sealant and if a few billion people take that attitude it will all add up to another nail in the coffin of humanity. Personally I cycle because I love the world so I’ll take a 5% drop in performance to know that I’m not just another addition to the problem.


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