Tired of all the same old children’s books? Why not introduce your future shredder to mountain biking one page at a time? That’s 52 pages to be exact – since this is also a book about the alphabet, not just the art of shredding.

Shred Til Bed

Brought to you by the same crew that’s behind the Shotgun Kid’s Mountain Bike Seat, Shred Til Bed is written by Dan Necklen and illustrated by Mike Hearsey. The MTB Animal Alphabet book is a colorful and fun way to learn the alphabet with two pages devoted to each animal from A-Z.

Offered only in a one-time limited run print, the hard cover book is priced at $29.99 and will be delivered later this month. If you want to pair it with a Shotgun Front Mounted Seat, you’ll end up with free shipping since the order will be over $99. Otherwise, shipping for the book only is $6 within the U.S. and Canada.



  1. Julio on

    They should publish a children’s book so that future litter of mountain bikers do not destroy the trails with shovels and picks.
    It is impressive how the massive practice of mtb and the construction of trails are eroding the hills.

  2. Julio on

    In which part of my opinion did I criticize the content of the book?

    Apparently your reading comprehension is damaged or perhaps you felt touched by my criticism of the track builders that erode the hills.

    • Greg on

      Julio – you said “they should publish….” without knowing if they cover that in this book. I read that as criticsim. No guilt, i put in my time.


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