First it was Race tubeless. Now, CADEX is aiming for the Classics. Well, your own Classics anyway. Their new tires might get some naming inspiration from the legendary monuments of cycling, but they’re perfectly built for your next big day on the bike.

CADEX Classics Tubeless tires  on road

There are a lot of different tire categories these days, so where do the CADEX Classics fit in? Technically, these would still be considered a road tire – albeit an all-around, all-conditions tire that won’t mind if you venture off road. Offered in 25, 28, and 32mm widths and 700c sizes, the Classics should fit in almost every modern road bike.

CADEX Classics Tubeless tires puncture protection

According to CADEX, with the Classics’ construction, they really focused on what they’re calling vibration acceleration. “When tire manufacturers talk about tires, there’s a tendency to focus on rolling resistance. That’s a great measurement to reference if you’re talking about riding on a smooth track or the painted line. But, it’s just not a reliable figure for understanding how a tire will perform in real-world conditions where uneven sections of tarmac, cracks, potholes, and patches all combine to slow the rider down,” says Jeff Schneider, Head of Product and Marketing for CADEX Cycling. “Here at CADEX, we don’t ignore rolling resistance; we just place a greater emphasis on lowering the tire’s vibration acceleration. Improve that, and the result is a tire that maintains better forward momentum and, ultimately, allows the rider to go faster.”

To get there, the tires use a single layer Supple Race casing for a high degree of ride feel, but the tire is reinforced with their Race Shield+ cut-resistant layer with Kevlar. Then a silica-bases RR-S AR tire compound supposedly offers fast rolling, high grip performance even in the wet.

CADEX Classics Tubeless tires grip

The tread pattern should help with that as well, with CADEX claiming that it aids in water-shedding for increased grip.

CADEX Classics Tubeless tires off road

Priced at $99.99 each, 28mm tires are available now with 25mm and 32mm tires available later this fall.


  1. B McClurr on

    Interesting. But pricey. I’d like to see it at $70 or less. I can get Pro Ones for less than $40 usd. Granted, the Pro Ones were released many years ago. But the tubeless game has gotten cheaper. These tires better shit gold.

  2. Tom on

    A couple observations:
    1) $99 per tire? Pretty ambitious pricing, though I don’t know how Cadex prices on the street
    2) Re rolling resistance on something rougher than glass – the term is hysteresis. And I’m quite sure all the major tire mfgs are taking it into account during the design and validation process. And they are actually in the business of making tires.
    3) Maybe Giant has invested in the equipment to make tires. But I doubt it.

    • Carl on

      Right? I still haven’t used the Panaracers, but I really like the Maxxis Refuse which is pretty similar and available all the way from 23mm to 40mm widths.

      • Astro Kraken on

        According to the GKs have way less resistance, but theyre also not as well protected as a Refuse.

        Velocita AR= GK
        Refuse = GK+

  3. NICKY on

    this cadex classic is top premium of giant gavia fondo 0, same as cadex race is top premium of giant gavia course 0, same as cadex 42 cadex 65 is top premium of giant slr1 42 slr1 65. cadex is hi-end of giant, they will never come with not expensive price.


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