The Niner RIP 9 RDO gets a metallic blue and silver colorway for 2021, helping it match (yet outshine) some of the options for their RLT gravel bikes. The bigger news is a switch to Schwalbe and DT Swiss spec across the board for mountain bikes and gravel. Here’s the details…

2021 Niner RIP 9 RDO

new shiny metallic silver and blue color for niner rip9 rdo mountain bike

The new RIP 9 RDO color is called Silver/Baja Blue, and it’s available only for the 29er frame (they introduced distinct 27.5 and 29er frames with this model).

In the past, Niner had heavy spec of Maxxis Tires and ENVE wheels, but that’s switching to Schwalbe and DT Swiss. The wheel swap gives them access to hubs that many brands (including ENVE) were already relying on, as well as alloy rimmed options for lower cost spec levels.

closeup detail of the new silver baja blue color for niner rip 9 enduro mountain bike

For tires, their sponsored athletes Kurt Voreis and Kyle Warner were already riding them, so it was an easy switch. And, they say the new Addix compounds and improved construction in the latest generation of Schwable mountain bike tires made them a good choice.

2021 Niner RLT Gravel Bikes

2021 niner RLT gravel bikes get 1x drivetrain upgrades and switch to Schwalbe Tires and DT Swiss wheels

The big news on Niner’s RLT gravel bike lineup is the addition of stock 650B wheel and tire builds, and more 1x options up and down the price range.

Where they used to offer more 2x options, you’ll now only find 2x groups on the top 4-Star and 5-Star build options. The rest, for the steel, alloy (shown) and RDO carbon fiber models, switch to 1x groups from both SRAM and Shimano, mechanical and electronic.

You’ll also find all three frame materials offered in stock builds with 650B wheels and tires. Those, too, now come from DT Swiss and Schwalbe, with heavy use of the various G-One tread options.

Side note: If you haven’t checked out their site lately, they have a nifty inventory count you can see for any model and size you’re interested in. Niner’s are sold through dealers, but built to order.

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