The new Silca Seat Roll Asymmetrico uses a similar tool wrap design as their larger Seat Roll Premio (and huger Seat Roll Grande Americano, which was revised into the limited edition Avventura Americano), but in a much smaller size. But not as small as the Mattone BOA Bag, and just a big bigger than the Seat Capsule Premio. And definitely bigger than the cage-mounted Sicuro Capsule.

Where were we? Oh yeah, the Asymmetrico.

Designed to hold the bare essentials, it has three sleeves to capture the items most needed on a road ride. While we’re thinking you’d wanna stuff a compact Tubolito or Schwalbe Aerothon tube in there, Silca says it’ll fit regular tubes designed for tires up to 700×45 (29×1.75″). Like, maybe, Silca’s Latex Tubes.

new silca seat roll asymmetrico saddle bag with boa closure shown laid open and packed with tools

The closure is a BOA L6 with lace guide, wrapping around a 2-ply ballistic nylon base and abrasion-resistant Hypalon outer jacket that Velcro wraps around it once it’s rolled up. This should keep it quiet when tucked snugly against your saddle rails…and keep them protected thanks to a padded Rail Guard on the top/back panel.

As shown, four interior pockets are sewn to fit:

  • two tire levers
  • two CO2 with Silca’s chucks threaded on
  • the tube
  • a mini tool

Pack weight is a claimed 85g. Retail is $49, available now. Reflective black printing improves visibility without looking like it’s trying too hard.


  1. I’d like to see a video of someone packing this and rolling it up with 2 60+mm tubes and stashing the co2 chuck somewhere else than atop a co2 cart because no one does that in real life. My experience with Silca seat rolls (and I’ve owned all of them and the capsule as well) is they look great in pictures and ads but when you try to use them in real life (and I roll my tubes using the James Huang method and I thoroughly purge air from the tubes) they’re an ungainly mess.

    • I store my Genuine Innovations Air Chuck head exactly as shone in the pic. threaded onto a CO2 canister but not threaded on so far as to puncture the seal on the canister. I have zero problems rolling my Premio neatly and getting it to stay under my saddle.

      • I returned several because of broken BOAs which was an issue Silca has ironed out. I kept up sizing because they were all too small for 2 road tubes in practical use against. If you want to carry one tube and 1 c02 then they work fine but in that scenario why wouldn’t you use an eolo wallet? That’s a far more elegant solution for a one tuber. I have no problem with the craftsmanship of Silca products outside of the minor run of poorly tied boas which just is a normal thing that I can’t bash the company for. I just find the photos they use a bit misleading.

        • A lot folks don’t want to take up a jersey pocket with a wallet like that. And a person can put a patch kit in the Premio with all the other stuff making a second tube unnecessary.

          • Come on, you’re far more likely to see people carrying two tubes vs a Rema kit. I think my request is fairly reasonable. Why would you make several sizes of rolls to carry the same volume? I’d be happy if this design could hold 2 as it looks very cool in the pictures.

    • Just leave out the CO2. I would think that you would then have plenty of room for 2 tubes. And you’ll feel a lot better about not contributing to our planet’s garbage problem. Hand pumps work just fine.

  2. Larger sized Americano here, but it does hold two latex tubes, two CO2 cannisters, two tyre levers, spare cr2032 and sr44 batteries, two latex gloves, spare chain link, multitool, a mini Gerber multitool for scissors and pliers and a SAPO mini bike pump 🙂

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