As more cyclists look to hop back on indoor trainers – whether pushed inside by colder weather or pandemic lockdowns – idō has just launched a new line of indoor-specific cycling kit that promise to make riding the trainer more comfortable. Over the past year we’ve seen tons of new development around indoor training & more immersive virtual riding environments, even before global health concerns cut into our outdoor group rides.

But we’ve still only seen a few companies take a stab at indoor cycling clothing. And Ido Indoor thinks they have found the perfect blend of light, supportive fabrics and key details to make life on the indoor trainer more enjoyable…

Idō indoor-specific cycling clothing for training & virtual racing

ido indoor cycling clothing, idō lightweight breathable indoor training virtual racing kit for men & women, light fabric

Between the explosion of online racing, immersive virtual online riding environment & COVID-19, the idea that riding indoors would be limited to winter has all but disappeared. Of course we can probably ride inside in the same kit that we ride outside.


ido indoor cycling clothing, idō lightweight breathable indoor training virtual racing kit for men & women, vented

But idō thinks they can do better, by focusing just on just a few key issues specific to indoor training – heat management without the wind in your face, comfort while riding in the same position for extended periods, and unrestricted movement when you don’t really need to be protected from the weather or carry a spare tube in your pocket

The ideal indoor cycling jersey

ido indoor cycling clothing, idō lightweight breathable indoor training virtual racing kit for men & women, jersey

The debut idō Jersey uses a mix of ultralight synthetic Shoji Mesh fabrics to maximize airy breathability, but also to dry quickly. Without the need to carry riding gear, tools & food out on the road, rear pockets are gone to let your back vent. Instead this jersey is about keeping you cool, and feeling & looking good.

But the close-cut, form-fitting jersey does get one unique side pocket – designed to allow you to keep your phone at your side to make changes to your workout music playlist, or maybe to check your social media streams during your cool down. Realistically you probably have water & snacks somewhere else at hand in your training cave, and whatever device that is managing your virtual ride or race is likely strapped to your handle bar or mounted in front of you. What more storage do you really need?

The ideal indoor cycling bib short

ido indoor cycling clothing, idō lightweight breathable indoor training virtual racing kit for men & women, bib shorts

The idō Bib-Shorts follow a similar less is more philosophy, but focusing more on supporting your muscles and your butt in the saddle. Again lightweight fabric should keep you cool but modest since being inside doesn’t have to mean riding alone. The shorts look to use pretty standard ergonomically paneled construction, but with lightweight woven fabric designed to balance compression sweat management.

Concrete detail remains thin on the chamois themselves, other than to say that the multi-layer ‘Makura’ pads were specifically developed for indoor training. Said to remain comfortable even after long periods of riding in the same position, the Makura chamois pads feature a breathable top layer to wick sweat away to keep your skin dry & irritation-free as you ride.

idō indoor cycling kit – fit, pricing & availability

ido indoor cycling clothing, idō lightweight breathable indoor training virtual racing kit for men & women, on the trainer

Idō is an all-new company, really making them a totally unknown entity. So, to be honest it’s a bit of a leap to see how their indoor cycling kit will deliver. But the kit looks promising in the details, with a good range of five sizes XS-XL to fit many men and women cyclists. And the pricing seems reasonable for high-performance kit at £90 for the jerseys and £120 for the bib shorts. And shipping is free if you buy a kit in the UK, or a reasonable £10 to ship to the EU or US.

What we do know… is that the UK team behind the new brand is well established in other cycling products, just new to riding kit. And all of the clothing is being made in Europe by an established Belgian cycling clothing maker, after having been in development for more than two years.

So, as we return to riding inside, to suffering on the trainer, maybe it could be worth trying out some new indoor cycling kit?


  1. Generally curious, do other people wear tops when riding inside? I use bibs only, I figure it’s cooler that way as nothing blocking the fan from my skin.

    • No top. The idea of selling /buying clothing for indoor training reels of greed and foolishness to me. There’s really no need or reason z

    • I’ve always worn whatever old, ratty, unfashionable bibs I haven’t yet totally destroyed, plus a base layer in the winter, or nothing up top in the summer. And usually a hat for the sweat. The idea of buying new clothes for indoor training strikes me as being as silly as buying a new shirt to paint your living room. But I’m not zwifting yet either, so what do I know…

  2. Is this virtual kit that you can buy through an in-app purchase in Zwift? Cause the only physical clothing I’m wearing on the trainer is my oldest work out knicks.

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