Brooks England’s new travel bag collection covers every part of your bike, with frame bags, top tube bags, saddle bags and handle bag bags. It’s all waterproof, modular, and brings Brooks’ classic styling to bikepacking, commuting and touring bikes world over.

The complete line provides storage anywhere on the bike, with larger bags being able to hold the smaller bags. This turns the smallest saddle bag into something of a pocket bag that can go on the larger saddle bags or handlebar roll…sometimes a couple of them, even.

brooks scape travel bags mount to your bike and can be added to one another to increase storage

It’s a clever approach to modularity that means those small bags aren’t just sitting idle when you only need a bit of storage, they are the bit of storage.

brooks scape waterproof pannier bags shown on a commuter city bike brooks scape waterproof pannier bags

There’s also a handlebar pouch (left) and pannier bag collection, with small and large sizes for the latter. Whether you’re touring or commuting, they’ll function through any weather. And like the saddle- and handlebar bags, the larger two have daisy-chain loops to attach smaller bags to them.

brooks scape frame bags and saddle bags attached to a road bike

The bags use easy-pull, waterproof zippers. Framebags get dual zippers to increase access points, too. All of them are waterproof, but have a more classic fabric finish. While this provides a soft, high end feel at home in the Brooks range, they say it’s extremely durable. It’s also PVC- and PFC-free, and UV resistant. All seams are sonically welded.

brooks scape travel frame bags for bicycle commuters and bikepacking touring

Two of the bags -the largest saddle bag and a handlebar roll (shown on bike)- use sleeves with removable dry bags. There are 10 pieces in all, and all are available now. Prices are:

  • Handlebar Roll – $140
  • Handlebar Pouch – $75
  • Handlebar Compact Bag – $140
  • Seat Bag w/ dry bag – $150
  • Saddle Roll Bag – $50
  • Saddle Pocket Bag – $50
  • Frame Bag – $110
  • Top Tube Bag – $70
  • Large Pannier – $145
  • Small Pannier – $135

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  1. If only the top tube bag had a bolt on option. Really struggling to find a simple looking top tube bag like these where I can buy other bags later over time to match.

    • Agreed. Wish bag maker’s would face the reality that most don’t need big ass bags on every ride they go on. Smarter, svelte bags will hopefully be a trend one day. That’s what most of us really want anyway.

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