The new Repente Artax GL gravel bike saddle is ultralight, yet doesn’t skimp on the features and tech. It uses a carbon-blend shell with UD carbon rails, along with a special padding foam and a water-based microfiber cover that can be replaced if it gets torn or worn out.

Starting with the shell, they blend long-fiber carbon with PA12, which is an industrial strength nylon polymer with some interesting properties. It’s both abrasion and chemical resistant, and has extremely low moisture absorption, making it great for applications like saddles that are likely to see all of the above.

repente artax GL lightweight carbon fiber gravel bike saddle top and side view

It’s also strong, but flexible. Combined with carbon fibers, they’re able to (they say) create a shell that’s tough, but comfortable.

repente artax GL lightweight carbon fiber gravel bike saddle closeup view of cover material

They top that with their lightweight Eva foam, with added thickness in key spots. Combined with the semi-flat (semi-rounded?) profile and slightly extended downward curve at the nose, Repente says it’s able to mute gravel road bumps and help the rider easily transition between standing and sitting. And, it’s comfortable whether you’re sitting upright or down in the drops.

repente artax GL lightweight carbon fiber gravel bike saddle closeup view of cover material

Full specs include:

  • COATING: Water-based microfiber
  • FOAM PADDING: Super lightweight EVA
  • PADDING SUPPORT: PA12 Carbon Reinforced
  • SUPPORT STRUCTURE: PA12 Long Carbon Fiber (LCF)
  • RAIL: UD Carbon Fiber T700
  • DIMENSIONS: 275 mm x 132 mm
  • WEIGHT: (± 5%) 165 g (5,82 oz)
  • GRAPHICS: Black Mud, Red Mud

Retail price is €145.


  1. Gravel saddles… what’s next, gravel bar tape? Gravel chains? Gravel water bottles? This reminds me of when Specialized had “women’s specific tires” back in the day.

  2. 160g for 145 euro, thats quite impressive for current market. Looking at Prologo Dimension range, the gravel AGX is about 10-15grams more than their road counter part i.e. potentially we are looking at 145-150gram for road version or even lighter if they reduce the nose length……one can only dream i guess lol

  3. gravel specific, and yet has a sharpened plastic point to jab you in the nuts or snag on your shorts every time you’re hanging off the back going down a steep descent. Honestly you’d think some of these designers have never ridden the product.

    • A little Dremel action will take care of that obstacle, and save you some weight at the same time. Probably also increase the wing flex and help make it more comfortable.

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