You’ve certainly heard the horror stories. Someone forgot their bikes were mounted to their roof rack, and drove them straight into their garage. Or a bridge. Or a parking garage, drive through, etc. You name it, it’s probably happened. So what’s a person to do? Before you ditch that roof rack, GearUp has an affordable solution that hopefully will mean forgetting your roof rack is a thing of the past. GearUp Gear Saver clip and flip

Really, the concept couldn’t be much more simple. The GearUp Gear Saver is basically just a flip down reminder that you place on your car’s sun visor. Flip it down when your roof rack is loaded and the bright yellow and green warning sign sits in your peripheral vision, always there to keep you from forgetting about your precious rooftop cargo. When you’re done, simply flip it back into place until your next adventure.


The Gear Saver is probably similar to a lot of home brewed solutions that people have been using for years. But with a polished form and relatively low price, the Gear Saver looks like a great option for those looking for a convenient reminder. Currently for sale on Kickstarter, the Gear Saver starts at $13 and is currently limited to the United States.


  1. Years ago, someone made a similar product that attached magnetically to the hood. When you were driving fast, wind laid it flat on the hood. When you slowed down, it popped up to remind you.

    • My friends dad had one of these on his J60 Land Cruiser in the 90’s. It had a mirror to see the roof and said “LOOK UP” or something. I thought it was pretty ingenious at the time. Way better than this, that is still liable to human error.

  2. You could always just move a trash can or something in the way so you can’t pull in when you get home. Another option could be to take your garage door remote out of the car if it isn’t integrated.

  3. I remember in the very early 1990s on an Australian cycling newsgroup (those things we had before the www existed) one of the members going on for months about the full custom Colnago that was being built for him in Italy. The day it finally arrived and got built up, he had it on the roof of his Porsche bring it home from the shop and destroyed it driving into his garage, having only ridden it around the block a few times getting the fit dialled.

  4. If you can’t remember your bike is on the rack, chances are probably just as good you may not remember to flip down the reminder thingy.

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