Have you seen that Harley-Davidson is getting into e-bikes? Yes, that Harley. The motorcycle brand known for its loud, rumbling v-twin engines has created a line of nearly silent e-bicycles (there’s also the electric LiveWire motorcycle, but that’s a different story). Called Serial 1 in homage to the first ever Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was essentially a motor shoved into a bicycle frame, the first Serial 1 range has just been unveiled with four new models.

Rush Speed

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike range Rush Speed

With a name like Rush Speed, you’d expect this bike to be fast. And it is. The only S-pedelec in the range, the Rush Speed assist tops out at 28mph. For the rest of the range, the top assisted speed is 20mph. All of the Serial 1 e-bikes utilize the Brose S-Mag mid-drive motor and offer 250W of power with 90Nm of torque.

The Rush Speed houses a 706Wh integrated and removable battery which is said to provide around 25-115 miles of range depending on use. Those batteries are housed in a hydroformed aluminum frame with aluminum forks.

All of the Serial 1 bikes also include automatic shifting thanks to the Enviolo Automatiq rear hub. The hub offers a continuously variable drive ratio that eliminates the need for the rider to shift, and is said to constantly keep the rider in the ideal gear range. Those hubs are propelled with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive for a silent, near maintenance free drivetrain.

All that speed is controlled with hydraulic four-piston disc brakes with 203mm rotors that measure 2.3mm thick (they look like the TRP R1 2.3mm rotors). Traction is put to the ground with 27.5 x 2.4″ Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires that are wrapped in full coverage fenders.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike range downtube storage

The bikes look to be well equipped with both front and rear racks, integrated lighting, and even a ‘glove box’ in the downtube that is lockable to stash a small tool kit or similar items.

Currently offered through a pre-sale, the Rush Speed is priced at $4,999 with delivery expected summer 2021.

Rush/Rush STHarley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike range rush Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike range Rush Step Through

For essentially the same bike, just without the top speed, there’s the Rush and Rush ST (Step Through). With max speeds of 20mph, the bikes include a slightly smaller 529Wh integrated battery that’s good for a claimed 30-90 miles depending on the use. Otherwise, the bikes use the same Brose S-Mag 250W motor, and include the Enviolo Automatiq hub, belt drive, racks, fenders, lights, and more. The reduction in battery cost corresponds to a slightly lower price tag of $4,399. These bikes are also available for pre-order, though they have a slightly earlier expected delivery date of Spring 2021.


Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike range Mosh

For something a little more rowdy, the Mosh seems aptly named. Currently, there are a few inconsistencies on the Serial 1 website in terms of spec (we’ve reached out to try clear a few things up), so while the Mosh lists both 2.4″ and 2.8″ tires on the spec page, we’re assuming it’s the latter since they appear bigger in the photos. The page also lists a single speed/freewheel hub and the Enviolo Automatiq, so it’s not clear if this bike will have the automatic shifting or just one gear. While it still features the integrated lighting, the fenders and racks are gone, which help to bring the cost down to $3,399 with a pre-order delivery window of Spring, 2021.

As part of their pre-order incentives, the first 1,000 orders will receive a limited First Edition medallion, and all orders in the lower 48 states and Germany will qualify for free shipping.



  1. Geoff on

    There are some nice features here, especially the Gates belt drive which makes total sense on a commuter bike. I also really like that they used an elevated chainstay so that the belt doesn’t have to go through the frame, so there’s no issues dropping the rear wheel out.
    That said the teaser image that Harley put out for this bike looked a LOT better than these do.

  2. Jim on

    Good looking bike, but a bit expensive. But gotta pay those union assembly wages I guess. The component combo is very nicely thought out for good weather riding with quality, higher-priced components. For those of us in the snowy north, I found the Gates was not terrific if riding in snow/icy conditions. The Mosh shows a lot of cool Harley styling.

  3. Jerry on

    Harley dealers will be in for a Bicycle Industry culture shock when some warranty needs to happen and bike companies don’t reimburse labor credit. Good luck Harley!

  4. Mathias on

    Belt drive = more drivetrain losses than chain (doesn’t matter in motorcycles, but this is HPV)
    Planetary gearhub = losses
    NuVinci hub = EVRN MORE losses
    This is the most inefficient EV bike I have ever seen


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