More than a year since we last caught up with the superlight Spanish carbon specialists, Darimo has been cranking out new ways to shed grams from your road bike – like this new T2 15mm SB seatpost. Plus, even more new ultralight aerodynamic aftermarket seatposts to lighten up many of the most popular new aero road bikes, with even more on the way…

Darimo T2 15mm SB ultralight setback carbon seatpost

Darimo T2 15mm SB ultralight setback carbon seatpost, options

c. Darimo

Following up their curved T2 25mm SB post that we saw back in 2018, Darimo developed a new ‘happy medium’ offset post with an all-new head. Many of their customers were asking for something between 0mm & 25mm of offset, so they developed a new straight shaft round post with the new middle ground offset head.

Darimo T2 15mm SB ultralight setback carbon seatpost, 2-bolt clamp detail

Clamping is the same as the original T2 with a two titanium bolt head, a carbon fiber rail cradle, and 7075 aluminum bars that secure round or oval saddle rails. The front bolt facing up, you dial in saddle angle adjustment with a tiny allen key (supplied with the post) by inserting it into holes drilled across the bolt’s head. Then tighten the seat in place with the downward facing rear bolt.

Darimo T2 15mm SB ultralight setback carbon seatpost, 117g actual weight

Weight is still impressively light at just claimed 117g for a 400mm long post in any of the three sizes offered – 27.2mm, 30.9mm, or 31.6mm – with a 90kg weight limit. With their asymmetric carbon layup (front:back) of UD & bidirectional 3K weave fiber, the larger diameter posts can use thinner walls & less material overall to maintain the same strength.

If you want a lighter, shorter post Darimo can do that too, or build you a more reinforced version suitable for heavier riders or a super long one for your super Brompton.

Darimo T2 15mm SB ultralight setback carbon seatpost, size options

The new Darimo T2 15mm SB ultralight setback carbon seatpost sells for 329€ (that same price for the 25mm, too). It is available in matte or gloss finishes, 3k weave or UD top layers, and with customizable decals colors to match your bike.

All are made by hand in their València, Spain workshop.

Need a proprietary post for your new aero road bike?

Since the middle of last year, Darimo has also been crafting a number of custom developed non-round seatposts with their premium T1 Loop head to upgrade many of the most popular aero road bikes on the market. Many recent ultra premium road bikes use proprietary aero post that are  often quite heavy, so Darimo expertly recreates those unique profiles in handmade carbon posts that weigh around 95g (or sometimes even less!)

Darimo T1 Loop T2 aero road bike proprietary non-round upgrade seatposts, Pinarello


Since we last checked they’ve added Berria Belador , BMC Roadmachine (& Two Stroke), Colnago C64/V3RS/V3/G3/X, Giant Revolt & TCX, and Pinarello F8/F10/F12 post options. Add that to the 2020 BMC Teammachine, S-Works Tarmac SL6, Cervélo R5, or up to 2020 Canyon Aeroad post that were already offered – often in both straight T1 Loop & setback T2 versions with prices from 319-369€ depending on bike model.

Darimo T1 Loop T2 aero road bike proprietary non-round upgrade seatposts, S-Works Tarmac SL7

Tarmac SL7 coming soon?

We also hear that a new Specialized Tarmac SL7 compatible seatpost is expected to be available within the next couple of weeks.

Maybe it’s time to lighten up!


  1. Miclaroc on

    Wow. Can’t say the 50g weight savings justifies the price anymore to me, but wow! Does this design hold saddles securely without cracking? I hate rearward saddle creep…beautiful components here and I love how they’re making them for all those aero frames at these weights that’s cool.

  2. Craig on

    I bought a Darimo stem and handlebar earlier this year. The manufacturing tolerances are impeccable. The handlebar flexes a LOT. Definitely not for the sprinter or rider who muscles their bike up the climbs (I did order the lightest bar though and they can tune the layup for a particular rider) but the comfort it provides on rough chip tarseal is amazing. Very happy with my purchase and the customer service at Darimo is excellent too.

  3. SPeter on

    On almost every photo of DARIMO parts you can see lot of voids on superficial finish. What can expect from the inside lamination ?

  4. Gregory Thomas on

    I’ve got their flat bar on my mtb. So far so good. The Extralite bar before it didn’t fare too well (although they did replace it).


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