For years now, Dunkin’ Donuts has been trying to convince us that “America runs on Dunkin’.” But now it looks like they’re trying to make it so that America rides on Dunkin’ as well. Part of an extensive collection of Dunkin’ flavored merch offered up for sale in the Dunkin’Shop, this $500 tandem bicycle stands out as an interesting addition.

Dunkin' Donuts wrong tandem bike mockup


Initially, the Dunkin’ tandem made the rounds on the internet for all the wrong reasons. The first image posted to the Dunkin’ Shop showed a bizarre geometry where the stoker’s seat was nearly behind the rear wheel.

Istockphoto weird bizarre tandem bike image


However, a very brief search of the internet revealed the exact same tandem configuration in a stock photo from We’re guessing this was a case of someone being tasked with mocking up a Dunkin’ tandem in Photoshop, who didn’t really know what a tandem is supposed to look like. Either that, or Dunkin’ just played everybody by purposefully selecting a tandem with some wild geometry to get everyone talking about it.

updated tandem bike mockup

Regardless, the new Dunkin’ tandem page shows a bike that features a hi-tensile strength steel frame in traditional tandem geometry with 26″ wheels and 2.10″ tires. It’s worth pointing out that since the first attempt was clearly just a Photoshop mock up, it’s extremely likely that this one is just a mock up as well. So the actual bicycle may look different than the one shown above. However, the bike pictured above appears to be the 26″ Micargi Sport tandem, which is priced at $489.95 on, so it is possible you’ll get this same version.

Claimed weight is 60lbs, though it’s not clear if that is the weight of the full carton, or just the bike. Either way, it’s not all that surprising considering this is an entire tandem bicycle priced at just $500. Even more impressive is that this 81″ x 7″ x 27″ box ships for free.

At $500, this certainly won’t be the world’s greatest tandem, but for a bit of Dunkin’ themed fun with a friend, maybe America really will ride on Dunkin’?


  1. George Malina on

    As a regular tandem rider (about 2,800 miles per year), I was intrigued by the original offering from DD.

    On November 21, I placed my order for the original offering that also promised shipping in 5 to 7 business days.

    On December 2, I saw that the Dunkin tandem was now being advertised with a more traditional style tandem. I also had not received shipping information.

    I have no interest in another traditional tandem as I already have 2.

    I immediately reached out to DD top cancel the order due to the change in merchandise and the delay on shipping (I had hoped to save DD the expense of shipping as I have had several tandems shipped to me and it is expensive).

    As of today, I have been getting the run around from DD since December 2 and will be reaching out to my CC company to make a claim.

    • Nicholas on

      Ordered 11/21/20 and mine still hasn’t been shipped. Every week since mid December I’ve emailed the customer service rep and they assure me it will ship by the end of the week. DD gave me a phone number for Bamko but that just took me to a full voicemail box. I guess the con here is that eventually I’ll forget and they just keep my money.


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