Always on the hunt for Smoother, Lighter, and Faster, SLF’s Hyper System is evolving. Appropriately called the EVO system, the newest SLF products are split into three categories depending on your needs as a rider.

EVO Speed System

EVO Speed System details

For most road riders, the new EVO Speed System will likely be the ticket. Like all of the new EVO products, the cage is stronger and boasts increased durability thanks to a U.S.-made cargon cage with 7075 aluminum mounting brackets. Machining tolerances are said to have been made even more precise so that the systems shift better than ever. All EVO systems include a 14t upper and 18t lower pulley which feature a two-step machining process to provide a specific look. Both those pulleys also spin on coated hybrid ceramic bearings for minimal drag.

EVO Speed System on bike

EVO Speed System wheel change lever

The Speed System sets itself apart with a shorter overall height and narrower profile. There is also a small, color matched tab on the bottom of the cage to make it easier to push the cage forward for wheel changes. Available for Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo derailleurs, the EVO Speed System sells for $495 and includes a 6 year warranty.

EVO 1x System

EVO 1x System gravel

For something a little more robust and for single ring drivetrains, the EVO 1X System is the right choice.

EVO 1x System on bike

Built with a more robust carbon cage and revised narrow-wide pulley wheel design, the EVO 1X system is available for SRAM Eagle in mechanical and AXS, SRAM Force 1 and Rival 1, and Shimano XT and XTR 12 speed rear derailleurs for $495 each. Note that there is a new Oil Slick pulley wheel option that will perfectly match your SRAM cassette or other Oil Slick parts.

EVO Aero System

EVO Aero System on bike

The fastest option will be the new EVO Aero System which is, well, more aerodynamic. Now more slippery than the prior version, a narrower profile and revised carbon front plate are the results of wind tunnel optimization.

EVO Aero System DB aero bike

I suppose more carbon fiber means more dollars, so this one is priced at $595 for the system, and includes a 6 year warranty like all EVO systems. Available for SRAM and Shimano derailleurs.


    • It looks like flat top chain in the photo has a graphene coating as it matches the lightly worn finish on the cassette. There are a few places which offer this sort of service, and you can even pick your color!

    • I would think it would make them dirtier. The chain has to enter and exit, seems like a perfect spot for Schmutz to accumulate and not be ejected. You ever notice the upper jockey wheel where it’s covered by the cage always seems dirtier?

  1. Price aside, the efficiency of a 14t and 18t on the cage results equating to more watts. Now with a 2X system Campagnolo offers a 12t small in their cassettes, so a 12t should be more efficient as far as the chain wrapping around that cog verses a 11t.
    Then why are there so many fanboys for 1x systems when you normally have a 10t cog and you can run a 9t. I would think that with a 9 or 10t cog there would be wasted energy along with more chain and cog wear.

    • And you would be correct. I have no idea why so much hype about 9 and 10. I’d absolutely rather have at the other end for spinning, climbing etc 9 and 10 seem so … extra (superfluous?)

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