SLF Motion might be a relative newcomer to the oversized pulley world, but don’t let that fool you. Owner/founder Blake Young has been at it for a while now, and back in 2016 SLF had one of the fastest 11-tooth pulley sets on the market. Blake tells us that the 11-Tooth Hyper Pulley wheels were independently tested by Friction Facts to have 48% less friction than the next closest competitor.

Now, SLF Motion is back with a complete pulley system – the Hyper Speed System. Using an oversized CNC machined titanium 16t upper and 17t lower pulley wheel, the system includes a custom derailleur cage machined from 7075 aluminum. All hardware is either stainless steel or titanium.

What’s the benefit to the system? In a word – friction. Or lack of it. In the demo above the same bike with the Hyper Speed System installed seems to spin forever, with so little drivetrain drag that the freehub actually pushes the crank and chain around.

Hyper Speed Systems start at $445 with a black or silver cage and uncoated (silver) titanium pulleys. For an additional $40 you can add black or gold coating to the wheels. Cages are offered in both Shimano and SRAM fitments with the Shimano 679 model for 6000, 7000, and 9000 series derailleurs, the upcoming 891 for Shimano 8000 and 9100 series derailleurs, and versions for both SRAM mechanical and ETAP rear derailleurs.

All SLF motion products are designed, tested, and hand assembled in Pawnee , Illinois.


  1. So now you can give your $670 retail price Sram Etap rear derailleur a $495 upgrade. What a deal. Especially when you could 3D print all that for a fraction of the price and just stick some good catalog bearings into those jockey wheels. Somehow I’m guessing the only people who will buy this will be Triathletes gunning for that 1,343rd spot on the results.

    • ” Especially when you could 3D print all that for a fraction of the price…”

      no kidding. It’s 2018; not like there’s anyone that doesn’t have a 3d printer capable of of printing titanium these days.

      • 3Dhubs or several other websites have instant quoting. Just upload your model in .stl format, click the material you want and it will be in your hands in just a few days. You can pick from a huge list of printers. Basicly its a website where it matches people with a printing business with designers. I do it quite often for work. The cost is really low depending on size and material.

  2. additionally, your wallet will be 27gr lighter (the weight of your credit card) at not additional cost when using this system. independent researchers verified this claim and have scientifically tested this to be true.

    i almost just read BR for these gems 🙂

  3. Interesting reading all these “expert comments”. I’ve got an SLF Motion Hyper speed system and am winning races. It feels good. Money very well spent. Good luck with your expert comments on future products team, I’ll prob be waiting for you at the finish line.

  4. Can someone do two tests. One an assessment to weight the drivetrain gains vs aerodynamic penalties in the wind tunnel and two a test to see how something like the $80 kcnc oversized cage/jockey wheels compare with these/ceramic speed/etc? Seems like an expensive way to get worse shifting but hey enough suckers poney up the big bucks for “ceramic” bottom brackets so I guess there’s some gullible money in the street.

    • Worse shifting? Someone must be plain stupid to spend that much money if all they get is worse shifting. Have you tried something like this and had that experience? I know athletes that have tried and used the Ceramic Speed ones and seem happy with the function.

      • I have ridden bikes with the ceramic speed cage; the shifting is ok but not up to Dura Ace di2 standards in my experience. As far as customer satisfaction goes; this is more a factor of people buying with emotion and trying to justify with logic. You spend $5-800 on a derailleur cage you’re not necessarily going to pick it apart; and I’ve met enough folks who have bought these products and have told me they feel this massive difference in resistance but it’s mostly placebo effect. Unless they can hold long intervals at +- 1-2.5 watts than I really doubt they can feel 1-3 watts at all.

  5. Shimano and Sram could easily drive these products out of the market by adding these ‘innovations’ onto their derailleurs. My guess to why it hasn’t happened is because the bike industry is secretly all one entity creating false upgrades on purposely inferior products.

  6. a recent response to electronic shifters, etc: the article pushing the shimano/garmin electronic shit storm deserves a response worthy of the level of shilling evident…
    the riding experience has been reduced to just another corporate cash cow by endless complication of more gears and now electronic
    interference between the buttons… get a clue, this is going nowhere sane… too bright headlights and other yuppie nonsense is dooming our so called sport to a death by financial immersion…

    you are not helping…

    yada yada yada, m

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