Cross-country racing may have been seriously stunted this season like most things, but as rescheduled World Cups & World Champs creep back up Canyon’s XC race-winning Lux gets spec updates with the latest and greatest tech. Whether you are looking at the latest lightweight DT droppers, SRAM Eagle AXS drivetrain & SID Ultimate SL suspension, the Lux forms a prefect platform to move from cross-country to marathon to all-day singletrack riding, delivery killer build kits at impressive price levels.

2021 Canyon Lux 100mm carbon XC race mountain bikes

2019 Canyon Lux 100mm carbon full-suspension XC race bike

photo by Markus Greber

The 2021 Canyon Lux isn’t a new platform – it’s the same bike we reviewed when it was last overhauled two summers ago. But with two different 100mm travel carbon frame material options with two different personalities, it’s a high-performance bike to suit a lot of mountain bikers. Pick the top-spec 1662g CF SLX frames for more of a race-oriented outlook paired to 100mm travel forks. Or go for the more affordable CF carbon frame that adds less than two hundred grams, but pairs with 110mm forks to slacken the bike out by 1/2° to boost high-speed stability & create a more versatile all-day setup.

2021 Canyon Lux XC bike – Pricing & availability

Lux CF

2021 Canyon Lux CF XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB, 6

2021 Canyon Lux CF 6

Seven different carbon Lux models are being offered (available now of through mid-September for the most part), starting from 3000€ for the 100mm/110mm NX Eagle Lux CF 6, 3500€ for the XT equipped Lux CF 7 & CF 7 WMN, or 4000€ for the X01 Eagle Lux CF 8. All of the Lux CF bikes get the latest light, short 60mm travel DT Swiss D232 alloy dropper seatpost.

2021 Canyon Lux CF XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB, 7

2021 Canyon Lux CF 7

2021 Canyon Lux CF XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB, 7 WMN

2021 Canyon Lux CF 7 WMN

2021 Canyon Lux CF XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB, 8

2021 Canyon Lux CF 8


2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB

2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX 9

The pure XC race 100mm front & rear Lux CF SLX 9 starts at 5000€ with mechanical XX1 Eagle, the alloy DT dropper & carbon DT Swiss XRC 1501 wheels.

2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB, team

2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX 9 Team

Or choose the 6000€ Lux CF SLX 9 Team which opts for an XTR 1×12 with carbon RF Next SL cranks, upgrades to Fox Factory suspension, and get the lighter carbon DT Swiss D232 One short dropper.

2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB, LTD

2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX 9 LTD

Then, if you want the fully top-tier, you can pick the 7000€ Lux CF SLX LTD with SRAM XX1 AXS Eagle wireless shifting, the carbon DT dropper, Reynolds 309 XC carbon wheels, and the latest RockShox SID Ultimate SL XC race suspension.

2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB, frameset

2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX frameset

The top-spec CF SLX frameset is also available on its own with a Fox Float DPS Factory remote shock for 3500€ so you can build the custom XC or marathon bike of your dreams.

2021 Canyon Lux CF SLX XC mountain bike, 100mm carbon 29er cross-country race MTB, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

all photos c. Canyon

The new 2021 Lux bikes will be making their way to the US later as well, with pricing ranging from $4000-$7500, but no official word has been issued yet when they are expected either later this year or at the start of 2021 proper.


  1. Frank on

    That is a fast looking bike, but what is with the inadequate dropper post. That woman is riding that huge drop and ridiculous rock garden, and all they are equipping her with is a 60mm dropper? With that tall seat tube it doesn’t look like you could put anything longer on it, which is a hard pass.

    • Kayce on

      That woman is pauline ferrand-prévot on her way to winning her 2nd MTB world championship. She also has a cross and a road and a cross world’s title too. I am pretty sure she knows how spec her bike to win.

      • Tom on

        Ease up Turbo. I had the same first reaction as Frank, and I didn’t notice the pony tail. Hence, I didn’t know it was a woman. That still looks like an effing big drop, and not very much saddle drop.

    • Tim on

      When I first saw the pic, my thoughts were, “Damn, that is a big drop to do on an XC bike with a dropper that isn’t all the way down. Whatever, it looks like an advertising shot illustrating the unbelievable awesome hardcoreness of a bike that will let you shatter your limits. Oh, well, that’s advertising for you. It does look like they’re showing a type of riding that’s a bit inappropriate for this bike.” It could be that Frank’s thoughts were similar to my own, or it could be that he was a sexist pig who chronically underestimates women’s riding abilities. Given the scant evidence, I’ll reserve judgment.
      It does turn out that the rider is a famous woman rider, hats off to her or anyone who can do such a drop with a 60mm post, or any post; I wouldn’t have the courage to do it, even on a DH bike. I think her abilities have little bearing on what most of us mere mortals are able to do.

      • Cory Benson on

        @Tim, it is the terrain the bike was designed for – totally appropriate. That’s a feature of the Lenzerheide World Cup XC race course, and a photo during the race last season. It has a decent roll-out on the landing, but it’s still a big drop. It does look dramatic, though. And PFP is a great rider.

    • Cory Benson on

      @MRK, the frame geometry is the same. You just need to put a 110mm fork on the CF SLX frameset when you build it up to get the slacker setup.

  2. Laurent on

    Bonjour à tous Pauline kick ass! She date Julien Absalon, so she must gets great training and advice.
    Now, Cory I am sorry but I am pretty sure that drop is part on the xc course at Mount Saint Anne in Quebec.
    If you look at The other pic of Pauline on Canyon website, you can read the name of the drop, on the side trail banner « Beatrice drop » I was there for the 2013 World Cup…
    Cory, are you sure it is safe to set a 110 fork on the CF SLX lighter race frame? It’s not going to snap?
    I read an owner review, that while waiting for a friend, the rider sat on the top tube of his bike, and the carbon snapped on each side of the tube…
    Yeah, a slacker Head tube geometry, would have been a bit easier on downhills.
    But still love the bike. L

    • Cory Benson on

      @Laurent, I thought I remembered that drop from M-S-A as well, but Canyon labelled the photo as last year at Lenzerheide (which made sense to me as to why she was wearing the National Champs jersey, not the National Team jersey she raced in at Worlds in M-S-A.) And having ridden with PFP, I can imagine she gives Julien tips as well!
      As for the fork, it has been my understanding that a 110mm fork stays within the rating for the Lux CF SLX, and is raced by some of the pro marathon riders like that. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a great idea to check with Canyon before you build one up like that.
      As for breaking the frame by sitting on it… anecdotally I have heard similar stories from several ultralight road & XC bikes, and brand responses that range from “it was designed to be ridden, not sat on” to “obviously, there had to be more to the story.” I haven’t heard of or from Canyon specifically on this issue. But I would always think that you should be careful with any superlight bike. And also that I hope not to have any bike break when I sit my butt on its toptupe.


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