The new Race Face Next SL G5 carbon cranks follow in the footsteps of their predecessors as one of the lightest options for XC mountain bikes, but now stiffer and lighter than ever. Thanks to a revised layup and improved manufacturing processes, they were able to shave a few grams out of the arms while improving overall stiffness. Like the ones before, they’re still made in Vancouver inside Race Face’s headquarters factory.

whats the lightest carbon fiber mountain bike crankset

The new 5th generation Next SL cranks come in at a claimed 423g with a 32t chainring, which is a marginal gain over the prior 450g G4 set we tested last year (weighed with a larger 34t ring). But still, at that weight, the Race Face Next SL series has for years been among the lightest on the market, so any improvement in weight is laudable. Note that the BB is sold separately and not included in the weight.

The set keeps its modular CINCH spindle system, allowing you to use it with BB92, 68/73 BSA, PF30 by picking any of the 30mm diameter spindles available: 134, 136, 149, 170, 174, or 190mm.

race face next sl g5 carbon crankset with new shimano xt and xtr 12-speed compatible chainrings

The other new thing is this CINCH Direct Mount Shimano 12-speed compatible chainring, which gets a revised shape and tooth profile optimized for the new XTR group and, likely, any future Shimano mountain bike groups.

Retail for the crankset with a chainring is $429.99. We’ve reached out for more info on sizing and pricing for the Shimano chainrings and will update as we get it.


  1. Does it still come with the removable pedal thread/insert option?! 😉

    Jokes, jokes…I own a set and I love them….and I’m *relatively* happy that this won’t happen to me 😛

    • Seriously… I have had two Next cranks fail due to the pedal/pedal insert falling out. I’d rather have a heavier crank that is more duable, or at least one that will last more than a year of riding. Saving my pennies for eeWings haha!

      • 4 sets for me… 2 lots of “G3” and 2 “G4” Next SL cranks have failed with one or both pedal inserts coming loose. Haven’t had a problem since switching to SRAM Eagle XX1 cranks though 😉

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