Is an e-gravel bike on your list of things to check out for 2021? Yeah? Then here’s another option for the e-gravel curious, the new E-Hatchet from Devinci Cycles. Rather than jumping into the deep end with a high dollar carbon build, Devinci is testing the waters with a more affordable aluminum e-bike with a great spec to get you rolling (with a little assist).

Devinci Cycles E-Hatchet electric assist gravel bike downtube with battery Devinci Cycles E-Hatchet electric assist gravel bike with Shimano STEPS motor

Built around the Shimano STEPS system, the E-Hatchet includes a STEPS E6100 drive unit combined with the E7000 computer and E8014 418Wh battery. That should be good for up to 150km on a single charge if you’re efficient with the assist modes. It also results in a complete weight of 38.40lbs for medium complete bike – which is a lot for a gravel bike, but not too bad for an aluminum e-gravel bike.

Devinci Cycles E-Hatchet electric assist gravel bike Maxxis tires

Equipped with 700c x 40mm Maxxis Re-Fuse tubeless tires with Maxxshield, the E-Hatchet seems like its geared more towards pavement and light offroad riding, though you could always add a tire with more aggressive tread for better traction. Without fenders, the frame and fork will clear up to 700c x 42mm tires.

Devinci Cycles E-Hatchet electric assist gravel complete bike

The rest of the build features a 1×11 Shimano GRX 600/810 drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, quick release hubs front and rear, and a full carbon fork. Offered in S-XL sizes, frame details include internal cable routing, fender compatibility with 700c x 40mm tires, and mounts for a rear rack. Available in a single build, pricing is set at an approachable $3,699 with the first bikes expected in the U.S. around March.


  1. If you are fit enough to get 150km out of the battery on this bike then I think it’s highly likely that you do not need this bike. And seriously, the battery mount, it’s 2021 already. I am most definitely not an ebike hater, I have two and another on order.

    • IMO, in terms of the battery, there’s no need for Devinci to invest in frame design around inclusion of the battery, if they’re only “testing the waters”. More frame refinement = higher cost.

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