Looking to add a little pop to your gravel bike, without going crazy with colors? HED just added a new option for their Emporia GA Pro gravel wheels that will certainly stand out, while adding a touch of class to your build.

Emporia GA Pro Silver Edition on Twinsix bike

Using their lightest alloy gravel wheelset as a starting point, the Emporia GA Pro Silver Edition gets that name for an obvious reason. Built with polished rims, hubs, and silver spokes and nipples, the Silver Edition is the antithesis of the usual black wheelset.

While the color has changed, the wheels still use their wide gravel rims with a 25mm internal width, 30mm external width, and 24mm depth. In addition to offering increased volume from your tires, HED claims the rim design leads to fewer pinch flats compared to narrower rims. That combines with HED’s Fat Lip technology which is their name for reinforcement at the rim bead to prevent damage to the rims when riding at lower pressures. The wider rims are of course meant for wider tires, with HED recommending tires wider than 32mm.

Emporia GA Pro Silver Edition rear wheel

At 1,535g for the set, this is the lightest alloy wheelset that HED offers. Built with HED’s Sonic Hubs with 5 pawls, and Centerlock brake mounts. Offered only in 700c versions, the rims are tubeless ready and the wheelset is priced at $1200 and built by hand in the U.S. Available with Shimano, XDR, and Campagnolo freehub bodies, the wheels are available now with shipping 7-10 days from the order.



  1. I really wanted something a little lighter and wider than the Ritchey classic zeta disc wheels. But 3x the price is a bit hard to justify. Anyone know if there’s anything in between the two options for an all alloy look?

  2. These are $1200 because people pay absurd prices for bikes and components. As long as people keep buying this type of stuff, the prices will just keep increasing.

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