DeathPack BMX, custom BMX frame fabricators based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, are offering a conversion service to transform pretty much any BMX frame (OK, maybe not carbon) into a full suspension BMX. Cool, right? Let’s take a look at how it works.

DeathPack Full Suspension BMX Conversion

full suspension bmx deathpack conversion service uk

A full suspension BMX? Are you reading that correctly, or has lockdown finally got to you? Well, the concept isn’t as new (or crazy) as you might think. Fingers Crossed BMX led by Ruben Alcantara have dabbled in BMX rear-wheel travel before now.

Fingers Crossed BMX prototype, steel full-suspension 20inch BMX bike prototypes of Ruben Alcantera

Fingers Crossed prototype full suspension 20″ BMX

Ruben, along with Garrett Byrnes, Mike Bennett, and Ari Cruz, produced a single-pivot full suspension BMX with the main pivot concentric to the BB. The lack of chain growth provided by the design was key in allowing for the single-speed setup you’ll be familiar with. Not only that, their prototype also ran hydraulic disc brakes and some very fat tires.

deathpack bmx will convert your bmx to full suspension bike for £400

Mike Hill will convert your BMX into a full suspension bike, inspired by Fingers Crossed BMX

So what’s the deal with DeathPack BMX? These guys are offering to give your BMX its own rear wheel suspension for £400. While we still seem to be a long way off seeing production full suspension BMX bikes, this is the closest you’ll get to getting your hands on one.

deathpack full suspension bmx cat o nine tails conversion 20"

A DeathPack BMX 20” full suspension BMX; the frame is a converted Make Cat O’Nine Tails with a 21” top tube and 13.75” chainstays

In order to be eligible for the conversion, your BMX frame must fulfill the following requirements:

  • A solid frame with no cracks, dents, twists or bends
  • Suggested 21”+ top tube frame, ideally mid BB and 1 1/8th” head tube

The work completed carries a warranty of 1 year, but only if any damage that occurs is related to the conversion itself.

single pivot full suspension bmx main pivot concentric to bottom bracket zero chain growth pedal kickback allows for single-speed setup

Your £400 gets you conversion of your supplied frame to accept a full suspension set-up with the addition of a new bottom bracket, pivot bearings, spacers and an NDS seat stay disk brake mount. The shock itself is not supplied (nor is a suspension fork). DeathPack BMX will powder coat the frame for you after the process is complete at additional cost.

deathpack full suspension bmx sending gaps dirt jumps

We’re waiting to hear back from DeathPack BMX on details including shock requirements, actual length of the rear wheel travel and more… stay tuned folks!

How long does it take?

The DeathPack BMX website currently quotes a two-week lead time on conversions.



  1. Jim Landers on

    Seems kind of inexpensive for them to (let me get this straight): chop your bike up, install a rear suspension system, and send it back to you???

  2. Wilf on

    This is awesome who don’t want a bmx that U can take to ur local bike park and be able to compete with riders on £1000+ bike and for a kid it would fit them well


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